• Makeup/Exception AP Exams - June 22 - 30, 2020

    • STEP 1 - FIND YOUR E-TICKET. It looks like this image below.  Your e-ticket will be emailed to you 48 hours before your exam.   If it’s not in your email, log on to MyAP.CollegeBoard.org.  

      Yellow box that says click here to go to your exam

    • STEP 2 - PRACTICE THE DEMOMake sure your tech works. Do this as soon as possible. 

    • STEP 3 - DECIDE HOW YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR EXAM.  Do you want to attach a file, copy and paste or attach a photo? Read through the submission guidelines today!

    • STEP 4 - LOG ON 30 MINUTES EARLY.  Make sure you are looking at Pacific Time (PT) not Eastern Time. Here is the schedule of exams.  



    1st.  Go to the College Board’s Troubleshooting Page. 

    2nd. Contact Tara Harding at tharding@pps.net and Anna Lortz at alortz@pps.net as soon as possible.  We will be online providing support throughout these exams.

    3rd. Contact the College Board at 888-225-5427 or  apstudents@info.collegeboard.org. Hold times are extremely long. 



      • You have the option to“attach a text file” or “submit a photo.”  Make sure you’re doing the right one.  Also, check that your photos aren’t too large. Select “Medium” format. 

      • Read the Submission Guidelines to get help and more info about submitting.

      • If you aren't able to submit your exam for some reason, you will be given a unique email address.  You only have 10 minutes to email in your answers. 

      IF YOU HAVE A NEW IPHONE OR IPAD - They save photos as HEIC files, which won’t be accepted.  You can convert this to a .jpg  by emailing the image to yourself and then saving it to your photos folder.   Click here to learn how to change your phone’s settings.     



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AP Exam Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are the AP exams?

  • How should students prepare for these exams?

  • Will students still receive accommodations for their 504s or IEPs?

  • How will students sign in to take the test?

  • What will the test actually look like? Can students practice online first?

  • How will the College Board guard against cheating?

  • How can students get internet access and/or devices for AP classes and exams?

    If you have questions about AP Testing in PPS, contact AP District Testing Coordinator, Anna Lortz, at
     (503) 916-3517 or alortz@pps.net.

  •  Want to know how much credit you can earn for each exam that you pass? 

    Click here to see the AP Credit Policies at Oregon State University, Portland Community College, Portland State University and University of Oregon.

AP Testing Contacts

Gretchen Schlag
Director of AVID & AP
(503) 916-3216
Tara Harding
AP TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment)
(503) 916-3013
Anna Lortz
District Testing Coordinator
(503) 916-3517

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