• It is time to register for your AP Exam(s).

    AP Exam Registration ends November 1. 

    You MUST register in order to take an exam. November 1st is the LAST day to register.  No walk-ins will be permitted. You must have registered for an exam to take one.

    Registration is a 3-Step Process.  You are not registered for your exam(s) until you complete all three steps.  This handout provides further exam registration instructions.  This process is for PPS students only.

    1. Join each of your AP teacher's online class section.  This is when you create your College Board MyAP profile.  

    2. Go to APTestService.com/PPS and follow the instructions. Once you pay or enter your fee waiver/reduction code, you will receive an email with instructions for the last step.
      APTS Email with Important Next Steps


    3. Follow the link in this email from APTUSA to go to your MyAP profile.  Now enter your new exam-only join code (instructions here).   When completed, you will receive a pop-up message telling you are registered for your AP Exam.  
      AP Exam Enrollment Confirmation Message from College Board

    ** Students at Cleveland, Jefferson and Lincoln still need to create a personal MyAP profile but this won't be done as part of an AP teacher's online class.  Click here for further information about exam enrollment for students who aren't enrolled in an AP class. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much do the exams cost?  The full cost of each exam is  $69. AP Research and Seminar are $117 each.  Fee Waivers and Fee Reductions are available to any PPS student who needs them.  Just ask your counselor or AP Coordinator for the form.  Be sure to bring this back to school by October 15th.  

    • When are the exams?  Here is a schedule of the exams being offered in PPS. 

    • How long do exams take?   Here is a chart listing APPROXIMATE times of each AP exam from the time the exam actually starts until it finishes.  

    • Where will the exams be administered?  Exams will be administered again the Portland Expo Center.  AP Japanese and Chinese will take place at the BESC at 501 N. Dixon Street, Portland OR  97227.

    • What if the exam times conflict?  If planning to take two exams scheduled for the same day or time, register online as normal. In February, you will receive further information regarding which exam you will take on the scheduled date and which you will take on a different scheduled date.

    • Why did registration move to the fall?  College Board research shows that students are more likely to pass their exams when they commit to taking them early on in the school year rather than in spring. While all students benefit from this, Historically Underserved students have demonstrated the greatest gains from this change.  Click here for more information.

    If you have questions about AP Testing in PPS, contact AP District Testing Coordinator, Anna Lortz, at
     (503) 916-3517 or alortz@pps.net.