Apps that parents need to keep an eye on!

  • Tellonym, Lipsi, Sarahah- These three apps are all created for the same purpose just with different layouts and names. When you create an account on these apps, people can send you anonymous messages. The apps are supposed to encourage honesty, and help people give constructive feedback as well as questions they would never dare to ask in person. This can go very bad, though. Teenagers find it so much easier to say cruel things to people when their message is anonymous. Many people who use these apps share their profile link on their Snapchat story, Twitter or Instagram pages where people can click the link and say anything anonymously. Then, the person would respond to the question and comments they received on their Snapchat story, Twitter or Instagram story so the people who commented would see it. The person's answers can also be posted on the app itself.

    Instagram - Instagram is an app for Windows, Android,  and iOS. People can express themselves by sharing pictures or videos with other people, and they can also see other people’s pictures or videos. Users can also text with their friends and share quick ideas.


    • Users have the ability to share their ideas in creative ways.
    • Users can choose who can see their pictures/videos.
    • Users can create stories, which are quick pictures or videos that last twenty-four hours and you can share with any of your followers
    • Users can choose whom they want to follow and whom they want following them.
    • Users have the ability to unfollow, block, or even report other users.
    • Location on pictures, videos, or stories is optional.
    • Other users can’t find out your location unless you share it with them somehow.


    • Users can forward other posts to other users.
    • Users can privately save pictures/videos without the person who posted them knowing.This can lead to cyberbullying and can make people feel bad.
    • Some users share fake, potentially dangerous, information which could lead to trouble.
    • Some people steal images and take credit for them.
    • Research shows that Instagram can be very addictive after uses over extended periods of time.
    • You can create a fake profile or a fake life and impersonate others.
    • There is a “close friends” feature which is a list of particular people that not only receives the main posts and stories, but extra posts and stories sent to that group. This can be dangerous because certain followers could be upset if they aren’t in the “close friends” group.

    Snapchat is an app where kids, teens and adults can interact with other people and random strangers.


    • You can’t interact or chat with someone unless they have added you and then that person has to added them back.
    • You get to talk with all your friends and peers.
    • You can send photos of fun and exciting things your doing.


    • There is a snap map where you go on snapchat and you can see where all your friends are at any point in the day.
    • When sending or posting photos, kids can send whatever they want, which could involve sexual or inappropriate pictures, as well as violent pictures.

     Fortnite: Fortnite is a first-person battle royale video game that can be played on ps4, xbox, phone, pc, and iPad

    • Pros: you can communicate and interact with your friends, you can play with other platforms, and it is fun.
    • Cons: there can be bad people that ask what you address is and where you live, also people will ask other personal information.
    • Anybody can play Fortnite no matter what but there limits like if you say bad things or hack in the game you can get banned and lose your account.
    • When you are playing Fortnite, no one can see where you are, but you can tell people where you are when you are playing with them.
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