• Watch this short video on Password Recovery & 2-Factor Authentication.

  • Passwords

    Protecting confidential staff and student data is not only important but every user’s responsibility.  Strong passwords/passphrases and password remembrance will go far to ensure the security of our important data.

    Passphrase Example
    Choose a passphrase that is made up of multiple words such as "The boat must float"

    Passphrase Requirements

    Students Grades 6-12
    16 or more characters (spaces are OK)
    One upper case letter
    One lower case letter

    Students Grades K-5
    12 or more characters (spaces are OK)
    Note: Grades K-3 will receive and use badges for most logons.

    16 or more characters (spaces are OK)
    One upper case letter
    One lower case letter
    Note: Staff passwords will need to be updated once every year.

    Staff Password Change Cycle
    Staff passwords must be changed every 365 days. You will receive several email reminders beginning 14 days in advance of your password expiring. You can reset your own password before it expires at https://password.pps.net

    Staff Password Remembrance
    In addition to password complexity and a 365 day change cycle, password remembrance is enabled.  Your last 5 passwords will be remembered and you will not be allowed to reset to the same password that you had previously. 

    How did you decide the requirements?
    Using industry best practice and advice from our auditors, we chose a standard that we can use for many years to come. 

    If you need assistance resetting your password or using Password Recovery, please contact the IT Service Desk at 503-916-3375.