• Studying abroad helps students develop the creativity, maturity, independence, curiosity, and adaptability
    expected of the next generation of leading academics and professionals.
    Visit the College and Career Center for more information. We have hard copy catalogs and brochures from around the globe.

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    Be sure your choice is accredited and set up "alerts" in Google on the
    program and destination before you sign up for timely updates on security, health advisories, and more.

    AFS Intercultural Programs 
    Year, semester, summer (1-8 weeks) and post high school programs as well as opportunities to host in Portland. 

    Play their short Destination Match Game to get country recommendations based on cultural differences, climate preferences, favorite foods, and more!

    GO Overseas
    Programs within nine different categories: Volunteer, Study, Teach, Internships, Gap Year, Language, High School, TEFL Courses, and Tours & Trips.

    Articles on every topic related to traveling overseas, by writers who are either currently at the destination or have been there before. Recommendations on when, where, and how to go overseas.

    School Year Abroad is a nonprofit organization focused on providing immersive study abroad programs. With over 8,000 alumni since 1964, SYA is a school fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Founded upon a yearlong study abroad model, SYA operates four campuses in China, France, Italy and Spain, and has expanded to provide a wide array of programs designed to develop skills for an increasingly interdependent world. SYA's yearlong program remains the only secondary-level option allowing students to live with a host family for an entire academic year while earning U.S. graduation credits and preparing for admission to selective U.S. colleges and universities.  

    US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs