• Are you interested in exploring a different post-secondary education that leads you to high paying in-demand careers in the skilled trades or manufacturing? Explore Apprenticeships! 

    Career and technical education (CTE) involves educational programs that provide students with the technical and professional skills to succeed in the workplace and throughout their careers, often taught through hands-on learning and on-the-job experience. CTE has undergone a transformation and the modern idea of CTE gives students a “both/and” educational pathway and prepares students to keep up with a rapid-paced, high-tech world. CTE opportunities build equity in the education system because not all people learn in the same manner.

    Learn about the PPS CTE Pathways!
    Check out this video and this video about our many incredible CTE courses!
    Your counselor can help you find a path for you. 

    A great list of resources for apprenticeships and internships can also be found on the Saturday Academy website.

    Students who are unsure about what career is right for them may want to check out the following interest assessment resource page at www.pathwayswv.org/career-planning.php.