Lane Community Newsletter

November 18, 2021

  • Parent Teacher ConferencesConferences are an opportunity for students, teachers, and families to come together to celebrate your successes and determine how best to support you.

    Students - you should be present at your conference! This is about your learning, and you deserve to have a voice.

    When: Monday, Nov 22 and Tuesday, Nov 23 from 8:50 am - 7:45 pm
    Where: Google Meet (virtual)
    How: Sign up for an appointment with all of your teachers @

  • Book coversIn early October, the Multnomah County Library Foundation donated over 400 new books to Lane students. The donation is a part of a larger campaign to support students’ reading habits. A central part of this campaign includes dedicated reading time during advisory on Wednesdays. Are you seeing your students reading a book at home? Reading is like any learned skill, it takes practice and perseverance. Students can check out a book from the library before school, after school, and during lunch recess and there are library visits on a two-week rotation. If you have a chance, be sure to ask your student what they are currently reading. Questions? Let our teacher-librarian know at

  • In 8th grade science students recently spent time learning about the rover Perseverance, which is currently exploring the surface of Mars. Students built their own models using simple materials like cardboard and tape. Rubber bands were used to make the engine. They explored different types of wheels to test which type would provide the best traction on the rocky surface of Mars.

  • Students in Ms. Lugg’s class also built a Mars lander to practice landing rovers on the surface of Mars. The challenge was to slow the capsule down and land it softly so that the “ping pong” rover landed safely.

  • The 7th-grade science class is raising baby salmon to release into the wild. They come as eggs (pictured) but will hatch and grow into tiny fish called salmon fry. During the year students will learn more about the salmon life cycle and the important role salmon play in native ecosystems. Can you spot the one baby who came out too soon to survive? So sad!


    Salmon Fish TankSalmon Fish Eggs



  • Students in STEM and Technology created battle armor for their Spheros. As you can see the designs got pretty intense. Great job 7th and 8th graders!!!

Sphero Armor
After school
  • Skate ClubThis year Lane has an after-school skateboard club. The club is led by 7th grade English Language Arts teacher Mr. Carter who says, “as someone who loves to skateboard, I'm thrilled to be able to share my love of skating with students.” Skate club meets on Mondays after school, as long as it's not raining. Skate club promotes safety by requiring that everyone wear a helmet and practice good skate etiquette. Signups are through SUN and students need to sign a waiver. See you there!