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  • Hello Lane Community - 

    As we work our way through the first quarter of the school year, we wanted to send out a snapshot of some of our teachers and staff.  While the list is not all inclusive, chances are that your child interacts with at least one of these adults during their school day. 


    Please look for our next newsletter with highlights from the first few months of school in November. 


  • Sherree Coleman (Dr. Coleman)Dr. Coleman


    3rd year at Lane, over 20 years in education 

    Hello Lane Families!  Words cannot express the joy and excitement I feel to still be a part of the LMS community.  As the former assistant principal, now Principal, it is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to continue supporting students and staff at Lane and strengthening our school-family-community partnerships.


    Emily Barron (Ms Barron)

    Assistant Principal

    1st year at Lane, 16 years in education 

    I am excited to join the team at Lane. I hope to support students to learn the skills that will help with success in high school and beyond. I hope to support teachers so that they feel they have everything they need to create success in the classroom. I look forward to teaming with the adults that support our students. Please reach out if you need anything.

    Contact via email ( or cell (971-610-5383)


    Kayla Walker ThomasKayla Thomas (Ms. Thomas)

    Assistant Principal

    First Year at Lane

    I look forward to supporting our systems and community building work at Lane, so every student and family feels welcomed and valued. I'm also excited to see our school wide goals in action, with every child being prepared and engaged in learning, while also having fun!

    Contact via email at:


6th Grade

  • Jordan L. Jordan LaGrandeur (Ms. LaGrandeur)

    Counselor for the 6th Grade students

    1st year at Lane, 9th year in education

    This is my first year at Lane and as a counselor, but I have been working with school-age students for 10 years in various capacities, including summer camps, outdoor school, Americorp with Playworks, and after school programs. I am currently getting my master's degree in school counseling from Lewis and Clark college. My goal is to connect with every 6th grader and their families in order to support them as they move through their first year in middle school.

    The best way to contact me is email ( or call, and I will be getting a Google Voice number soon!


    Emily Federici (Ms. Federici)

    6th Grade Math Teacher

    1st year at Lane, 5th year in education

    Hello Lane families, I am very excited to get to know your young scholars! This is my first year with my own classroom, and I feel very fortunate to be with such a caring staff here at Lane. If you have any information I should now that could make the school experience better for your child, please reach out to me. I hope to meet you this year!

    Please contact me via email:


    Lindsey SullivanLindsey Sullivan (Ms. Sullivan)

    6th Grade Science Teacher

    9th year at Lane

    Topics we are covering this year include body systems, cells, energy, weather and climate. What I am most looking forward to this year is the return to outdoor school! All 6th graders have the opportunity to spend a week at Camp Namanu in October.

    Email me ( or text (541) 699-1796

7th Grade

  • Adrian C. Mr. Adrian Calderon

    Counselor for 7th grade students

    2nd year at Lane and 7th year in education

    This is my second year at Lane. Your children have taught me so much about resilience and how to be in community! I am originally from San Jose, CA. I am a first-generation Mexican-American and college graduate. I moved to Portland from San Diego in 2020. While I miss California, Portland is now my home. Some of my passions are helping my students grow socially and emotionally, cycling, and road running. As a counselor, my responsibility is to help your student grow socially and emotionally in and outside of the classroom. I am here for you and your student. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

    Office Number (503) 916-6355, Google Voice Call/Text (503) 489-8828


    Rob CarterRob Carter (Mr. Carter)

    7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

    I grew up in San Diego where I spent my time surfing and reading.  I went to college in San Francisco and eventually my love of reading led me to find a job teaching  English.  I moved to Portland in 2018 and this is my fifth year teaching at Lane. I live with my wife, Alexandria, our dog Ziggy, and our kittens Minou and Peanut. When I'm not reading, some of my favorite hobbies are skateboarding, playing video games, cooking, and spending time outdoors. I can't wait to learn about you!

    Email contact info: 


    Heather D. Heather Dickinson (Ms. Dickenson)

    7th Grade Learning Center Teacher

    I am so excited to be working with the 7th graders this year!  This is my 9th year at Lane and my 22nd year in education.  I was born and raised in New Hampshire and came to Portland in my early twenties on a road trip!  My husband is from Oregon but we have lived in Minnesota and New Mexico before finding our way back to Portland.  We have two sons, both in high school this year.   When I am not teaching, I like to be outdoors - running, hiking, biking, or camping with my dog, Sadie.  My cat, Haymitch, prefers to stay home and watch for birds.   

    Contact:, Text: 541.946.3151


    Addison H. Addison Hummel (Mr. Hummel)

    7th Grade Science Teacher

    Hi everyone! This is my first year at Lane Middle School! I am originally from Forest Grove, OR, but have also lived in California, Connecticut, and Alaska. I’ve also spent time abroad. I just graduated with my Masters in Teaching from Pacific University, and I earned my undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Redlands. I teach Science because I love the way it helps us look at and understand the world. I enjoy many hobbies in my free time, staying active through activities like surfing, softball, water polo, tennis, golf, and yoga. I also love to cook, read, and take naps! I’m excited to join the Lane community and the 7th grade team for an awesome school year!



    Megan RHMegan Rivera-Hughes (Ms. Hughes)

    7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

    This is my second year here at Lane and I’m so excited to get started! I moved to Oregon from Maine last year and have loved  life on the West Coast ever since. I’ve been in education for 11 years and recently graduated with my Masters in Education from UMaine. I’m originally from New York City and went to school in North Carolina where I got my undergraduate in History. I started teaching Social Studies because of how much I believe that our students should learn about the world that they will grow up to change. When I’m not teaching I love to dance, cook, and get outside. I love being a part of the Lane community and sharing my passion for history!



    April TruhlarApril Truhlar (Ms. Truhlar)

    7th Grade Mathematics Teacher

    6th year at Lane, 20th in education 

    Hello, Lane families! This year we will be exploring real-world applications of basic math operations, algebra and geometry through our new MidSchool Math curriculum and cross-curricular projects amongst all of the core 7th grade content areas. I'm especially excited about our new parent-teacher organization and the 7th grade field trips this year!

    Email me!

8th Grade

  • L. BrillmanMy name is Larissa Brilman. I go by Ms. Brilman or Ms. B

    8th Grade Learning Center Teacher 

    3rd year at Lane, 14th in education 

    I teach 8th grade Learning Center at Lane. This means if your student receives special education services, but are in general education classes, they likely work with me. Mostly I am in their core classes helping them with their school work and working on their IEP goals. Sometimes we might work in small groups in my classroom. I look forward to getting to know your student, helping them feel confident and successful at school and helping them prepare for High School.

    Contact at:


    GwenGwendolyn Kaplin (Ms. Gwendolyn)

    8th Grade School Counselor

    4th year at Lane, 7th in education

    As a school counselor, my job is to support your child's academic, personal, social and future goals. I look forward to preparing 8th graders for their high school transition this year, and helping the 6th graders adjust to middle school. I work Tuesday-Friday. I really appreciate hearing from parents about any and all concerns and questions - don't hesitate to reach out!

    Email ( or call or text (971 231 7343)


  • Will St. John (Mr. St. John)

    Special Education Teacher

    4th year at Lane, 8th year in education 

    I work with all kinds of students with disabilities, and I teach all of the core subjects in my classroom. We also do things like cooking projects, social skills work, art, and daily living skills... It's a lot!

    Email at:


    KahrissaKahrissa  Yazzaline (Ms. Kahrissa)

    ISC Paraeducator

    12th year at Lane, 16th year in education

    I love being at Lane, it's my home away from home. I've worked in Mr St John's classroom the last 3 years. I find it so rewarding being able to work in a small classroom getting to know your kids and teaching them skills for their future. You might recognize me from my days as Campus Security or doing Restorative Justice. Or from way back when I was the head secretary. Like I said, I love it here.

    Best way to contact:  Email is great because I'm always buzzing around the building.

Multi-Grade Level & Electives

  • Colton Byers (Mr. Byers)

    Band and Choir Teacher

    1st year at Lane

    Welcome Lane Band and Choir families! I am beyond excited to work with your students in creating beautiful music. My goal as a teacher is to provide your students, through band or choir, with diverse tools, skills, and opportunities that will allow them to enjoy and experience music for the rest of their lives. We have been having an amazing time this past month and we can't wait to show you what we've been working at our first concert this November!

    Email at


    Lisa C.Lisa Coffman (Mrs. Coffman)

    Intro to AVID (6th Grade), AVID Elective (7th & 8th Grade)

    6th year at Lane, 21st year in education 

    I am so excited for 7th and 8th grade students to have keys to opportunities this post-pandemic year. We will not only look at how to prepare to be a high school student, but we will also explore engineering, graphic arts, and (new!!) business this year as we look at career enhancements. Our AVID tutors are drawn to us from our neighborhood, so if parents or family members would like to have a PAID opportunity to work in our classrooms, please reach out to me, ASAP! I am also so excited that we have 8th graders signed up to go to NY and Washington DC in June. I will continue to open up this opportunity for students and their families. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

    Email: Lcoffman@pps,net


    hanna mcHanna McGrath (Ms. McGrath)

    Drama/Theater Teacher

    4th year at Lane, 6th year in education 

    Hello! My name is Hanna McGrath and this is my fourth year at Lane. During the 22-23 school year, I have transitioned from 8th grade Language Arts to Drama and look forward to introducing our students to the world of theater. I spent many years in Portland with Oregon Children's Theater as both a student and an instructor and explored theater throughout Oregon with Young Musicians and Artists at Willamette University and Hart Theater in Hillsboro. My goals as we develop the drama department within our school community is to build confidence, explore our world through acting, movement and language and to build support and camaraderie across students of all grade levels.



    TracyTracy Miranda (Ms. Miranda)

    Art teacher

    9th year at Lane, 23rd year in education 

    I’ve been teaching middle school art for almost 23 years. I think of my classes as a combination of personal exploration, learning new skills, and fun. Students are graded in Art on following criteria, using good craftsmanship and perseverance- not ability. Hopefully, my class is a place your child will feel safe to express themselves & be excited to try new things!


    Photo: Yes


    saraSara Raspone Kavanaugh (Ms. Raspone)


    10th year at Lane and 10th year in education 

    I started at Lane as an English Language Arts/Social Studies teacher and then had the opportunity to become Lane’s librarian about seven years ago. My job can be summed up as “helping students discover a love of reading” in case they don’t already feel that way. My goal is to make sure every Lane student can see themselves or their families on my shelves while also providing a window into other characters/settings that may be new to them. In my mind, books are like shoes. You just need to keep trying them on until you find the perfect fit. 

    I can be reached at: 


    juanJuan Romero-Corral (Mr. Romero)

    Spanish I, II, Spanish for Native Speakers Teacher

    1st year at Lane, 5th year in education 

    Hi, I'm Mr. Romero, and I'll be the Spanish teacher.

    I am originally from Spain and have lived in different countries. Since 2007, I have lived in the United States.

    This year my goal is to put students at the center of learning whereby they will be an active part of every lesson. I hope we all have a great year at Lane MS!


    Chris Timmerman (Ms. Timmerman)

    Reading Lab and 6th Grade AVID Survey Teacher 

    9th year at Lane, 25th year in education 

    Personal growth is the most important thing to focus upon. Yes, we want students reaching the standards given. With that, though, we need to celebrate all the steps it takes to get there. Look to Canvas for your student's grades and assignments to see their progress.

    Email ( or Messaging through Canvas 

Additional Staff

  • Beth G. Beth Gardner (Ms.Gardner)

    VILS Technology Integration Coach

    2nd year at Lane, 16th year in education

    VILS stands for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, a grant funded program that brings LTE enabled Chromebooks, half-time tech support, and me, a technology coach. My goal is to work together with teachers to help integrate the 21st century technology skills students need to be successful in school and beyond. I also work on school-wide projects to help students with technology and digital citizenship. I am always happy to work with families to help them build strong student routines for responsible use of technology at school and home. To learn more, head to to learn how to use the tools PPS provides.

    You can email me at