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6th Grade

  • In Ms. Timmerman's AVID sixth grade and Reading Lab classes, students practiced watching step-by-step videos to create artwork. The goal was to have students practice using videos as a learning tool: pausing, rewinding, doing, and continuing. This learning experience was then translated to taking notes using a video with these strategies. 

  • During the last week of October, sixth grade students had the opportunity to attend Outdoor School (ODS) at Camp Namanu, situated on the banks of the Sandy River in Sandy, OR. Each day, students attended a field study that focused on water, plants, soil or animals. When not studying, students had recreation, completed jobs at the camp or spent time in their cabins. Evenings were spent around the campfire where students sang songs and performed skits. It was a rainy week, but students made the best of it. This is the first cohort of sixth graders to participate in the full ODS experience since the fall of 2019.  

7th Grade

  • On October 24th, the entire seventh grade received a virtual visit from the New York Times award winning author/artist Victoria Jamieson. Students recently finished reading her graphic novel When Stars are Scattered, in Mr. Carter’s English Language Arts class, and Ms. Jamieson spoke about the events that inspired her to write the novel. The main character is modeled after Omar Mohamed, a Somali man who spent a significant portion of his boyhood growing up in a Kenyan refugee camp. Students were able to ask questions about the process of creating a graphic novel and for updates on Omar’s situation. Finally, Ms. Jamieson led students through an art lesson in which they learned how to create a character from her graphic novel Roller Girl, which is set in Portland, OR. 


  • On October 13th, students and staff came together for Lane's first-ever Hispanic Heritage assembly. Throughout the month, Advisory and Social Studies lessons emphasized important Latinx and Hispanic historical figures, and students created art to reflect upon what they had learned. The art was then featured on the walls of the gym as students entered for the event. At the assembly, students presented poems and students and staff gave speeches about how their identity as Latinx and Hispanic people influenced their everyday lives. The assembly concluded with a performance of over 20 students from across grade levels and cultures dancing a salsa dance they had spent the previous month learning. The assembly was the collective work of over 60 students across all three grade levels. It was a beautiful collaboration of students and staff celebrating Latinx and Hispanic culture. 

  • During October, 7th and 8th grade students in the Russian Immersion program researched and created presentations on the fall harvest traditions of the 13 Slavonic countries. At the end of the month, students shared what they had learned with their families and celebrated with food and music.