Lane Community Newsletter

Language Arts

  • This year Mr. Carter's 7th grade language arts classes read "When Stars Are Scattered", a beautiful graphic novel detailing Omar Mohamed's journey from Somalia to a refugee camp called Dadaad. After reading, we had the privilege of meeting the author and artist of this graphic novel, a Portland native named Victoria Jamieson who is also well-known for writing "Roller Girl". During the author visit, students had opportunities to ask Ms. Jamieson questions about her writing process as well as engaging in a guided art lesson.


  • Due to the pandemic, the traditional sleep-away Outdoor School (ODS) experience for 6th graders has changed. In November, Lane’s 6th graders had a day of in-class learning followed by two days of hands-on experiences at The Learning Garden Lab. High school students came and taught students how to plant wildflowers, create habitats to see how they would survive a storm, and other outdoor science related activities. Students earned beads to decorate their wood cookie name-tags! We’re still waiting to hear if a 3-day (ODS) camp will happen at Camp Howard in the spring. 



    The future is here! Students in Mr. Loiacono’s technology class remotely program spherical robots!

Intensive Skills Class

  • In December, students in the Intensive Skills Classroom (ISC) made crafts to celebrate the winter festivities.


  • In art class, Ms. Miranda’s 7th and 8th grade students spent the end of first semester learning to use clay to create coil pots and looms. For the pots, students used a traditional coiling technique. While other students looked to organic shapes to inspire their looms and strung them using long-established weaving patterns. 

  • “Talk It Up” Podcast 6: Student Roundtable

    In the latest episode of the Arts ARE Education "Talk It Up" Podcast, five students from throughout the country, including LMS student Kensie Campbell, came together to talk about their arts education experiences during the pandemic-challenged 2021-22 school year—what’s going well, what’s not going well, and how they’re feeling about arts education in their schools in the future.

    Hosted By: James Palmarini, Arts ARE Education

    "Talk It Up" Podcast



    Listen to Lane's band entertain students during lunch!


  • Various toys displayed on a table with two people standing behind it.The family of 6th grade student Hope B. donates toys to the community every year. As owner of the Flip-Side Bar and Carts on Woodstock, Bebe Lisac is involved in the local community and schools. This year, with Hope starting at Lane, they wanted to connect with our families. Bebe said, "This year has been really hard for a lot of people and we want to give back and stay in touch with the community."  Thank you so much, Bebe, and welcome to the Lane family!


  • 66 pairs of Nike shoes sit on two desk. Nike employee Carrie Davis worked with her employer to donate 66 new pairs of shoes for Lane students. Thank you Carrie!

  • Pile of cell phones You may have heard that Lane has a new cell phone policy. You can see it here


  • A multcolib librarian talks about a book with students listeningIn December, Jackie Partch & Lael Tate, librarians from Multnomah County Library, visited with Lane’s 7th graders and brought five boxes of nearly 20 new titles for students to read. The common theme running through the books was “windows and mirrors”, with the primary goal of students seeing either themselves “mirrored” in the texts or being able to use the books as “windows” into the lives/experiences of others in their community.  



  • N.O.T (new, outstanding, timely) NewsN.O.T. News is the news site created and operated by students in Lane’s journalism class during first semester. Students identified topics, conducted interviews, wrote articles and posted news to the site monthly. Sections of the site include news, features, opinions, arts and culture, student life, and creative corner. Have an idea for an article? Let them know on the site’s homepage! Publication will resume in fourth quarter -- in the meantime, students are busy working on the yearbook.