• College-Related Events & Information


    Naviance is a web-based college and career information souce organized by Grant's Academic Counseling Team and College & Career Center.

    Students: Use your email address for user name.

    Parents: Enter at "I'm a Guest" using "gogenerals" for password.

    If you have questions about Naviance please talk to the counseling office.

    Check Naviance regularly to find out when college representatives that interest you are visiting. The schedule changes and additions happen frequently.


    Colleges Visiting Grant

    Students must "sign up" on Naviance if planning to to attend a college's visit.

    Get Nofications:
    Students who have entered individual colleges in their "Colleges I'm Thinking About" on Naviance will receive email notifications when a visit from that college is scheduled.



    What should I be doing about college?
    See our Grant Guide to Planning for College.


    Where do I find out about scholarships?
    New scholarships are added regularly on Naviance. Go to Naviance, to Colleges tab, Scholarship list. Visit the CC to get hard copies of information. See also "Oregon Scholarships" under our links.


    How do I visit a college?
    Colleges in Portland and all around the country welcome visitors year-round. For some great suggestions see the "Visiting Colleges" section of the Grant Guide To Planning for College.


    How do I get college credit while in High School?
    Grant HS has partnered with colleges to offer college credit. Look through the course guide for Grant to find what classes offer college credit.