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    Grant High School uses MaiaLearning to help students plan their futures. You can use Maia to discover and explore careers; build academic, college, and career plans; create portfolios that tell your story, and manage the college application process. Access your account by clickinging "Sign in with Google" and using your PPS username and password.

    Colleges Visiting Grant
    College representative visits are currently happening in-person and via Zoom; be sure to check how your visit is happening. Upcoming visits are listed in Maia as they are scheduled. Upcoming visits are listed in the Friday Bulletin and posted on our Instagram account, but the Maia schedule is considered the most up-to-date resource, as these visits are subject to last-minute changes. 

    What should I be doing about college?
    Check out the planning links on the right side of this page, read EVERY email from your counselors as well as the Friday Bulletin. The College & Career Center has a lending library with books on topics ranging from test prep to college admissions; HBCU resources; directories; career finders and lots more. It's never too early to start thinking about your options, and all grades are welcome at most events and visits.

    Video: HOW TO FILE the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Financial Aid)

    Where do I find out about scholarships?
    We list scholarships on the College & Career Center website, in the Friday Bulletin, and on our Instagram @ghscollegeandcareercentral. Past and present scholarship opportunities are housed under "Scholarships" on Instagram highlists for easy reference. We encourage you to search for additional scholarships using the following resources: 

    Many more scholarships are out there: check out the resources listed on the right column of this page (scroll to the bottom for mobile browser).

    How do I find out more about a college?
    The best place to start is by signing up for college reps that visit the College & Career Center, where we also maintain their files with hard copies of brochures, catalogs, and more. Pay attention to the emails from your counselor, which announce College and Gap Year Fairs as well as special opportunities. These are also posted on our Instagram @ghscollegeandcareercentral. While colleges welcome visitors year-round, it is not necessary to visit in person to make a successful college choice. There are several helpful search sites, blogs, and articles about the college search process and visiting colleges on the right side of this page (scroll to the bottom for mobile browser).

    Oregon Private Colleges Week Typically held each summer, is a great way to tour a selection of different campuses with minimal cost, especially for rising juniors and seniors. Even if you plan to study elsewhere, it's a great way to find what type of campus feels good to you, get a sense of what questions to ask, tour dorms, and find out what type of resources colleges can offer. There is usually a future admissions fee waiver for these schools if you visit four or more campuses during the week. 

    Portland Community College hosts many open houses and high school visitation days, as do most area institutions. 

    How do I get college credit while in High School?
    It is not uncommon for college students to need more than 4 years to complete the necessary coursework to obtain their college degree, so any extra credits you earn now can make a big difference in terms of both time and money! Look through the Grant course guide to find out which classes offer college credit and what steps you need to take to ensure you are credited. Options include AP courses as well as dual-credit courses through PCC and Portland State University that you take at GHS. When in doubt contact your counselor.

    Be aware that colleges have varying requirements when granting transfer credit. For instance, some colleges won't accept AP credit if your test score isn't a 4 or even 5, while many accept a score of 3 and above. Most colleges cap the number of transfer credits at 12, but not all: information on transfer credits can be found on individual college websites.

    CURRENT/COVID19 issues affecting college-bound students:

    Be sure to visit our gap year page for more information.  

    FREE test prep:
    • Khan Academy: free SAT full-length and section practice tests, questions-of-the-day, and tips and strategies.
      • Khan Academy links to your College Board account so it knows your PSAT/SAT scores and can tailor the practice to your needs.
      • Khan Academy also offers practice in your school-based subjects.
      • Daily SAT practice App: look for it in iTunes or Google Pay
    • College Board: Free SAT Practice Tests 
    • 4Tests.com: Short online SAT and ACT practice tests: 
    • Princeton Review: free SAT practice tests online 
      • Note: Princeton Review also offers classes, books, and tutoring for purchase
    • Kaplan Test Prep: free SAT online boot camps, virtual practice events, and practice tests
      • Note: Kaplan also offers classes and books for purchase
    • Kaplan Test Prep: free ACT practice tests
      • Note: Kaplan also offers classes and books for purchase
    • Powerscore: printable SAT & ACT practice tests to print 
    • Union Test Prep: free ACT study guides, flashcards, and practice tests
    Test Prep for purchase:
    There are a variety of companies and organizations that offer test prep classes and tutoring services, both online and in-person, at a cost to the student/family. Most should be easy to find through a simple internet search.