• Schedule of Makeup AP Exams - June 1 - 5, 2020

    • You will be emailed an e-ticket 48 hours before your exam if you are scheduled to take a makeup exam. It will also be available at myap.collegeboard.org.   Here is an image of a sample e-ticket.

      Yellow box that says click here to go to your exam


    • You can makeup the exam only if:

      • You DID log on to your exam but something went wrong. You had to submit a request within 48 hours of taking your exam and then be approved for the makeup. 


      • You DID NOT log on to take your exam in May.  You have then been automatically reassigned to take the makeup exam.  

    • If you have two exams at the same time, you should take one exam on the makeup date and request to take the other one during the June 22–30 exception testing dates.

    • Contact tharding@pps.net and alortz@pps.net if you have any difficulties accessing your exam.




    9:00 am

    Log on at 8:30

    11:00 am

    Log on at 10:30

    1:00 pm 

    Log on at 12:30


    June 1

    United States Govt

    Physics C: Mech.

    Human Geography

    Physics C: E & M

    Calculus AB

    Calculus BC


    June 2

    English Literature 

    Spanish Literature

    Physics 1

    European History


    Physics 2


    June 3

    United States History

    Chinese Language

    Environmental Science

    Computer Science A



    June 4

    World History: Modern


    Spanish Language 

    Comparative Govt


    French Language


    June 5

    English Language 

    German Language

    Japanese Language 

    Italian Language 



    Music Theory

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AP Exam Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are the AP exams?

  • How should students prepare for these exams?

  • Will students still receive accommodations for their 504s or IEPs?

  • How will students sign in to take the test?

  • What will the test actually look like? Can students practice online first?

  • How will the College Board guard against cheating?

  • How can students get internet access and/or devices for AP classes and exams?

    If you have questions about AP Testing in PPS, contact AP District Testing Coordinator, Anna Lortz, at
     (503) 916-3517 or alortz@pps.net.

  •  Want to know how much credit you can earn for each exam that you pass? 

    Click here to see the AP Credit Policies at Oregon State University, Portland Community College, Portland State University and University of Oregon.

AP Testing Contacts

Gretchen Schlag
Director of AVID & AP
(503) 916-3216
Tara Harding
AP TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment)
(503) 916-3013
Anna Lortz
District Testing Coordinator
(503) 916-3517

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