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    Ms. Newton and Ms. Kokes sitting at a desk with masks on.

    WELCOME! Fall 2020
    From Ms. Newton and Ms. Kokes

     While our building may be closed we are still here to help you navigate all things career, jobs, college, internships, and more! Please email Madeline Kokes, Career and Community Partnerships Coordinator, or your counselor,
    and follow us on Instagram: @ghscollegeandcareercentral.  


    HEY! This is important!! 10/21/20 10:00 AM - 3:20 PM: Tools to Build Your Future 
    Portland Public Schools is excited to introduce our first innovative, district-wide, virtual career & postsecondary planning event for all high school students: 100% virtual event designed to bring industry professionals and postsecondary planning experts to all PPS high school students! Morning and afternoon sessions. Register now.

    Watch a quick video to learn more about Tools to Build Your Future and how to complete your registration.
    Sessions include:

    • Career awareness interactive presentations delivered by industry speakers representing a broad range of career pathways
    • Information about advanced training and job readiness options
    • Financial aid and scholarship options
    • Apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs
    • 2 and 4 year colleges (including supports for first generation college students)
    • College sessions for Black, Latinx and Native students
    • College test preparation and updates
    • Gap year programs 

    ALSO on Wednesday, October 21, at 6:00pm: The College Place's final live “Paying for College” event, featuring Q & A from financial aid administrators from across Oregon. If you would like to attend, please register at this link.  Anyone can register and be admitted even last minute, as the event is underway. This event is for caregivers and students. 


    How does my high school experience make me college & career ready?
    Make a plan for your high school years.

    Which careers are right for me?
    Explore your interests and discover career opportunities out there for you. Start here!
    Share your interests: Career Interest Survey

    How does Career Related Learning happen at Grant?
    We build in lots of infrastructure for students to explore careers from Freshman Community Career Fairs to working alongside professionals in a Career Technical Education (CTE) class to actually heading out to visit a workplace via “Career Days” (during non-COVID times that is). While we are all operating virtually, we’ll provide opportunities to explore via the screen as well. 

    It’s important to start exploring careers now so students can think about what they might eventually like to do and understand the pathways to get there. The Oregon Department of Education has added emphasis on Career Related Learning: it's a graduation requirement. By the end of Senior year all students will need to participate in two Career Related Learning Experiences (“CRLE” for short–reflect on them with forms on the left-hand side of this page), build a resume (we do this in Senior Government/Economics class) and write a “My Plan Essay” (during Senior English class). NOTE: this requirement has been waived for the Class of 2021 due to Covid.

    We can help you feel more confident about finding post-secondary options and exploring possible careers, internships, colleges, apprenticeships, workforce training programs and/or military opportunities. This is a great PPS resource! 

    Maia Learning
    Grant High School uses the Maia Learning University & Career Research Tool to help students plan their futures. You can use Maia to discover and explore careers; build academic, college, and career plans; create portfolios that tell your story; and manage the college application process.
    Access your account by using your PPS username and password. Troubleshooting: contact support@pps.net.



    S  U  M  M  E  R
    While summer programs and job opportunities have ended, use these links as a resource for planning ahead for 2021:

    GHS College & Career Center Guide to Summer Camps, Jobs & Enrichments
    (what comes across our desk-don't forget about Internships, Study Abroad, Jobs & Volunteering links to the <<left<<)

    Oregon Goes to College Summer Programs 
    national and international summer educational opportunities, including some that pay!




    Emily Newton is Grant's YTP Transition Specialist. The Youth Transition Program (YTP) is designed to assist high school students with diagnosed disabilities prepare for competitive employment when they leave high school. YTP collaborates with Vocational Rehabilitation to involve community business partners, local agencies and schools in transitioning youth from school to work.
    You can email her directly at enewton@pps.net  


    Heading for college? 
    We can help you 
    find a great fit, fill out the applications, hone your essay, apply for financial aid, and understand college costs. Visit our College-Related Events and Information page here.

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    Student receiving college search advice from a volunteer


    College Admissions Representatives: Portland Public Schools are closed to in-person activities until at least November 5, 2020. Please email counselor Megan Schlicker for all college visit arrangements, virtual or physical.