• Moryah  



    My name is Moryah Schindler and I am the SUN Manager here at Roosevelt High School. I hail from California and am proud to be from the bay. This is my second year at Roosevelt High School. I am grateful to be working at a school as racially, culturally, and ethnically diverse at Roosevelt. (Did you know over 21 languages are spoken at our school?!) I am passionate about: equity, social justice, figuring out how to make opportunities accessible without lowering expectations, and making sure our students have spaces to express themselves & their hopes. I am also passionate about people, running, soaking up as much sun as possible, and eating.

    I love talking with students & working with them on assignments, listening to them talk about life, and when they pop into my office (so please do, room 113 across from the health center in the East Wing). Also great, getting to work with our many community partners at Roosevelt, shout out to the folks in the SUN/Step Up office!


    My job is to connect with and support our students, families, and community partners at Roosevelt through coordinating our community partners and supporting our clubs, after school activities, food pantry as well as making resource referrals. If you have ideas about how we can better do this I would love to hear them!





    JOSEPHINE ARCEO: SUN Site Assistant & Pantry Coordinator

    My name is Josephine Arceo and I've been working at Roosevelt since November of 2016. My formal position here at Roosevelt is being the SUN Site assistant, however my roles do expand into many different areas throughout the school. Some of my main focal points are interacting and building relationships with students, families, and the community throughout the school year which includes coordinating our on site food pantry and offering any additional support within the SUN community. I grew up in North Portland, but I graduated from Evergreen High School in Vancouver, WA. My interests include poetry, basketball, music production, traveling, and volunteering but my most significant passion is teaching. The most rewarding part about my job is helping and investing in others which is why I'm so eager to pursue my career in education.