• What is the RSC?

    The RSC is a way for people who care about Roosevelt to come together in a positive way with the goal of enhancing the experiences of everyone who calls Roosevelt home. 

    It's a great way to meet new people and have fun with friends while doing some good! Joining means that you're making a commitment to help out when you can and that you're doing your part to make Roosevelt the best it can be.

    Members agree to act responsibly at all events and to represent Roosevelt in a positive way. 


    There are three ways to be a part of the RSC:


    What Do We Do?

    We have a number of fun events planned – no minutes to review, no budgets to approve – that give you a chance to hang out with other people who care about Roosevelt, meet some new people and get your RHS questions answered in an informal setting. Our website is updated fairly regularly with new events so be sure to check back often! We also work together to provide support to the entire Roosevelt community. The whole idea is that if everyone does something then no one has to do everything! Just a couple of hours of your time really does make a difference and it really does matter!


    What Else Do We Do?

    Lots of things! From volunteering at events (how about that tasty Homecoming BBQ?!?) to supporting teachers and programs at Roosevelt, there are a lot of different ways to get involved. Opportunities include:

    • Volunteering to support a specific program or club (theatre, the library, speech team)
    • Helping out in the Clothing Closet or Food Pantry
    • Selling tickets or working concessions at a sporting event
    • Bringing a dish to support teachers during conferences or teacher appreciation
    • Helping to fundraise for events like Field Day or the All Night Grad Party
    • Showing Roosevelt some love by helping at a cleanup day
    • Giving back to the community – everything full pulling ivy at Pier Park to flipping pancakes at the St. Johns parade
    • And more … if you have an idea about how to help or want to get involved in a different way, definitely let us know!


    What Do I Get?

    Most importantly, you get community and knowing that you’re making a difference for Roosevelt! Your kid might not appreciate it now, but odds are other kids will and your kid will eventually.

    We also know you’ve got lots of other things you could be doing – we all do! – so we provide small tokens of appreciation for your support. When you first sign up, you get a cool RSC sticker. The first time you volunteer, you get an RSC key fob that gets you into home events for the student price. The more you volunteer, the more rewards come your way – cinch packs, thermal mugs, t-shirts and more!


    How Do I Sign Up?

    Joining is super easy! Sign up as a volunteer at an event at school or fill out this online form. You can also join as a paid member here. There’s perks for this, too!


    Is the PTSA Still a Thing?

    We’ve been getting this question a lot as we’ve rolled out the RSC. Yes, we are still operating as the PTSA. The response so far to the RSC has been really encouraging though and we’re hoping to fully transition to this new way of connecting students, families, teachers, staff, the community and alumni at the start of the next fiscal year, July 1, 2020. We’ve put a lot of thought into how best to bring together all of the people who care about Roosevelt and are hopeful that this new model puts us on a path to doing just that. There will surely be stumbling blocks as we move forward, but at the forefront of our efforts is always the goal of providing as many services and opportunities to all students at Roosevelt as possible while and bringing together all of those who strive to make Roosevelt the heart of the community in fun and rewarding ways.


    More information can be found on our website, including ways to contact the current board.