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    Roosevelt High School

    Advanced Scholars Program Proposed Plan



    The Roosevelt High School Advanced Scholar program is a rigorous academic and enrichment opportunity offered to students at Roosevelt High School. The program seeks to challenge students to reach their full potential while at the same time preparing them for success after high school. The students will be engaged in an environment that will challenge them to develop their individual capacities to the fullest extent. Additionally, students will also participate in enrichment activities promoting various post high school options, college, and scholarship opportunities.


    Applying to and the Requirements for the Program


    During the fall, the Roosevelt Rider Scholar Program will be open to any tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade student who wishes to enter the challenging framework required by the program. All students who successfully complete all components of the program will be granted the Advanced Scholars designated diploma upon graduation. In the spring, ninth graders will have an opportunity to apply for the program.


    While at Roosevelt High School, Roosevelt Rider Advanced Scholars are expected to meet the following criteria to retain their membership in the program.

    • Maintain at least a 2.75 Grade Point Average at all times during their four years.
    • Maintain at least 90% attendance at all times during their four years.
    • Meet all the curricular requirements of the program, including enrolling in and passing three or more Dual Credit or Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
    •  Complete and submit a FAFSA or ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application) their senior year by the required deadline
    • Apply to a minimum of three colleges and three college scholarships (including OSAC)
    • Receive no more than two referrals to the Dean of Students office during their four years. Scholars who struggle must attend a family/scholar/mentor meeting to discuss the possibility of dismissal from the program.
    • Participate in at least one Roosevelt High School extra-curricular activity, other than athletics, each year.
    • Meet all of the curricular requirements of the program.