• Request Records - Graduation Verification, Transcripts, Immunization, etc.

     Former Students

    Note: Former PPS students eighteen (18) years of age and older must request their records themselves unless legal documentation is provided allowing another adult to obtain records on their behalf. To request the records of a former PPS student, click here. You’ll be redirected to the online request form. Confirmation of requestor's identification is required via upload of photo ID.







     Special Education Records

    •  In the case of students' Special Education Records, it is required by law that such requests are treated urgently. All requests for students identified for Special Education services should be emailed to sped_records@pps.net or, you may call 503-916-3152 if you have questions.


    By law, we have up to ten (10) days to respond to your request. However, our department can typically turn a request around within 48 hours.

     Our online request form does not function properly on mobile devices such as cell phones. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to complete the form. If you continue to have trouble using the online request form, simply send your name and phone number to transcripts@pps.net and a PPS Records Management staff member will be in contact with you.

    • School Districts, Universities, Employers, and Verification Companies may request the records of a former student if a signed record release statement on organizational letterhead is provided alongside the request.
    •  Officers of the Court, Law Enforcement, and Social Services Organizations may request the records of a former student if the request is accompanied by legal documentation allowing PPS Records Management to release the record(s).
    •  If your child is no longer attending a school, records are stored electronically at PPS Records Management and can be ordered using this form.


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    VP-Administrative Assistant, Counseling



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    VP-Administrative Assistant, Registrar