• "MLC I Can Read" is a Children’s Choice Award for 1x2 students to practice reading with family, friends, or on their own.

    To choose the nominees, MLC students in grades K, 1 and 2 previewed books brought by Tini from the Multnomah County Library at the end of last year. In Spring of 2019, 78 students previewed books from 23 different series. Each student voted for their top 5. This is the list that resulted, in alphabetical order by series.

    Next our students read lots of good books and voted for their favorite! Guess which book won the most votes? See the document below for results.

    Note: Certificates for students who read a book from ALL 8 SERIES are still coming! Never fear, we'll have our "Cookies & Congrats" party when we get to be together again. And your (virtual) certificate will come even sooner. 

    MLC I Can Read 2019-2020 results here