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    Also, thanks to Ms. Cassie Lanzas, Wilson HS Librarian, for making this video and sharing it for all of PPS to use!

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    MLC Library Mission Statement:

    The mission of the MLC library is to match students with books and materials that provide "mirrors" to reflect their own experiences and "windows" into the lives of others, multiple perspectives of history to understand how the present came to be, and resources to invent the future of what could be! We are here to share the ethical, wise, and creative use of reliable and trustworthy information resources. We are here to inspire reading and listening, wondering and seeking, questioning and taking action.  


Check it out!

  • (Updated June 21, 2021 -  Check it out!)

     Try Shelver, a reshelving Game

    Try your hand at reshelving books in the proper order. Show off your stuff and become a Master of the Universe! To try the game, click here

    Magnetic Poetry!
     Click here for magnetic poetry!

    Web Site Evaluation
    Click here to review some good criteria for evaluating a website!

    Sample Site #1
    Click here for sample site #1:www.aspartame.net

    Sample Site #2
    Click here for sample site #2: www.dhmo.org

    Elections and Voting
    Click here to log in to our Portaportal page. The guest access username is "mlclibrary".

    Computer Programming

    Go to CODE.ORG

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    Library Basics - 4x5 Pre-Assessment
     Click here to go to the 4x5 Pre-Assessment


    Library Basics - 6th-grade Pre-Assessment
    Click here to launch pre-test https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFZsZjVNeEtaV0NKREYtTDdUdDM4Q1E6MQ

    Banned and Challenged Books
    Click here to read all about banned and challenged books - frequently challenged books, banned/challenged classics, and more. Resources, information, and FAQs about banned books from the American Library Association website.

    Volunteer @ the Library
    There are always jobs to be done in the library. Right now and unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we're not taking student volunteers at this time. When in-person classes resume we'll have more information about it.