Metropolitan Learning Center

  • MLC Mission Statement

    Metropolitan Learning Center is a K-12 alternative school in Portland, Oregon that utilizes the diversity of the city and its resources to provide a challenging learning environment to empower students. MLC honors students ' identities, strengths, and learning styles so they can be themselves, find themselves, and find a sense of belonging in our school community. At MLC we use courage, compassion, respect, self-discipline, and integrity as anchors for student behavior and learning. Through building relationships with each other and our world, we observe, create, imagine, and think critically about how we can influence positive change.

    Kx3 Grade Level Statement

    We nurture each child by focusing on relationship building and relying on our MLC character traits as a touchstone. In partnership with families and community, we provide a strong academic, project-based program. We inspire children to achieve their highest potential and develop a passion for lifelong learning. Within this strong foundation, we encourage joy, curiosity, and making connections to the world around us.

    4x6 Grade Level Statement

    Learning happens best in challenging authentic experiences that provide opportunities to imagine, create and reflect. Children on the 4x6 team are immersed in these experiences designed to empower them with the skills and confidence to be successful, engaged, and trusted. Through interdisciplinary projects and adventures, students explore ideas and places both inside the school walls and throughout their city, state, and region.

    7x8 Grade Level Statement

    Seventh and eighth-grade students work with subject area teachers in core academic classes as well as with parents, staff and community members for weekly adventures, community involvement, exploration, and elective classes. Our small size, student-centered programs, and supportive community allow staff to work and plan collaboratively and to know students as individuals, allowing us to build vigorous learning experiences.

    High School Statement

    In our small high school community, educators know each student by name and aim to creatively engage them in a rigorous college and career focused learning environment. We facilitate mindful inquiry and teach students strategies for reflecting on their learning. We support our students in examining their identities, beliefs, and education through multiple social, personal, historical, and cultural views.