Why Participate in College Rep Visits?

  • Every year we have college representatives visit Roosevelt to help students learn about their school and the programs they offer. These visits are open to any grade level. An important part of the college application process is making a list of colleges that you will be applying to. That means you have to explore different colleges and learn about their programs: a great way to do that is by going to one of these sessions. 

Upcoming College Rep Visits

  • Portland Community College Rep Visit to RHS

    Date: Wednesday, Nov 29th

    Time: during lunch (11:41am to 12:14pm)

    Location: the hallway outside of the Counseling Center

    Description: Becca Wolf is a representative from Portland Community College and will be visiting Roosevelt to talk to students about their school and what they have to offer. No need to sign up for these visits, just show up.