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    Rated one of “America’s Best High Schools” in 2018 by US News and World Report, Newsweek, and the Washington Post!

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    Our VISION: Students who graduate from Lincoln High School will be responsible, respectful, international citizens with a passion for life-long learning and the self-esteem and skills necessary to appreciate human diversity and contribute to family and community.

    Our MISSION Statement: The mission of Lincoln High School is to serve as a neighborhood high school with an International emphasis. Lincoln strives to meet the needs of a diverse student body in a positive, supportive learning environment and to provide the highest quality academic and extra-curricular opportunities. These opportunities include the International Baccalaureate Program and an overall strong college preparation program.


    All programs at Lincoln emphasize academic excellence, critical thinking, the development of life-long learning skills and high expectations for all students, while fostering self-esteem, personal responsibility and self discipline. Lincoln’s programs encourage students to be responsive to cultural and individual diversity and to become positive, contributing citizens of the world.


     Our GOALS: Lincoln High School will provide each student with the opportunity to:

    • master the basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing, analyzing and computing;
    • think critically, logically and imaginatively to identify, analyze and solve problems using a variety of techniques;
    • develop an understanding of scientific processes and principles and the skills necessary to use technology;
    • develop knowledge and understanding of history, political and economic systems, institutions and the
    • demands of responsible national and world citizenship;
    • develop a respect for one’s own and other people’s cultures and languages; to develop insight into personal values and ethical principles; and to be able to live and work cooperatively with others;
    • understand and practice the skills and balance necessary to develop, protect and enhance physical and mental health and to make appropriate decisions affecting their future;
    • develop time management skills.