Ms. Annie Wolfstone



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Annie Wolfstone

Annie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Women’s lacrosse and world language were favorite activities in high school. Annie went on to earn a BA in English & Comparative Literary Studies at Occiental College. After completing her undergraduate degree in Los Angeles, Annie worked at a teachers college in Austria, teaching English to language learners. (She especially enjoyed refining her German skills and traveling on the side!) She then completed a bi-international masters degree program in German & Comparative Literary Studies at institutions in Germany and Scotland. Annie obtained licensure and a Masters in Education through the University of Oregon and has been teaching English at Lincoln since 2018.  


English 5-6 and English 3-4


Phone: 503-916-5200


Course Documents accessible as guardian through Google Classroom

(please request access via email)



Class schedule 2019-2020:

A Days

Period 1: English 3-4 (Rm. 105)

Period 2: Planning

Period 3: English 5-6 (Rm. 108)

Period 4: English 5-6 (Rm. 108)


B Days

Period 5: Academic Center (Rm. 71E)

Period 6: Planning

Period 7: English 3-4 (Rm. 105)

Period 8: English 3-4 (Rm. 105)