• Career Technical Education

    Relevant and rigorous, CTE courses are aligned with industry standards to prepare you for high-wage, high-skill and high-demand occupations.

    Career & Technical Education at Lincoln is delivered in a sequence of classes known as a Program of Study. Our CTE faculty are required to have industry experience and be approved by an Instructor Appraisal Committee, convened by the school district and comprised of business, industry and education professionals. While we have many interesting electives to explore and enjoy at LHS, our CTE Programs of Study are specially designed to provide hands-on, industry related skills and knowledge in a specific area of expertise so that students can develop specific skills in their area of interest and be more marketable for jobs and programs. Think of your CTE Program of Study as your high school "major."

    CTE Honors Requirements

    In order to complete a CTE program and receive CTE Honors, a student must complete at least three credits in one program of study and take a Technical Skill Assessment (TSA) at the end of the sequence of classes. CTE Completers earn a special cord to wear at graduation. 

    College Credit

    Some LHS CTE courses qualify for Dual Credit, allowing the student to earn both college credit and high school credit. Dual Credit courses are aligned with specific courses at an Oregon community college. Entering college with credits may allow students to graduate in less time or to take advanced coursework sooner in their college career.

    CTE Classes Fulfill Oregon Graduation Requirement

    In Oregon, students must earn three credits in their choice of CTE courses, World Languages and/or Visual & Performing Arts. Enrolling in CTE courses is one way to meet this diploma requirement for focused electives.