• Lincoln Academic Programs

  • AVID

    AVID LogoThe AVID elective targets students in the academic middle, students who earn Bs, Cs, and possibly a rare D but who have a strong desire to succeed academically, go to college or pursue a defined career path. Students in the AVID program share a determination to work hard. Students may also be the first in their families to attend college or come from traditionally underrepresented groups in higher education. In some cases students have a lagging skill like reading or math or a particular challenge that makes the classroom setting more difficult.  AVID students are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but may be falling short of their potential. AVID places these students on the college track, requiring them to enroll in our school’s toughest courses, such as honors and IB. 

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  • IB Diploma Program

    Ib Diploma Program LogoAt Lincoln we offer IB courses across a wide range of subjects including English, World Languages, Social Sciences, Lab Sciences, Math and the Arts. IB Courses are primarily for juniors and seniors. All junior and senior students at Lincoln take at least two IB Courses. 

    Students study English, an additional world language; a humanities or social science subject; an experimental science; mathematics; and one of the creative arts or an additional course from the previous subjects. This comprehensive range of subjects makes the Diploma Programme a demanding course of study that is intended to prepare students effectively for college. 

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  • Career & Technical Education

    CTE Logo

    Career & Technical Education at Lincoln is delivered in a sequence of classes known as a Program of Study. Our CTE faculty are required to have industry experience and be approved by an Instructor Appraisal Committee, convened by the school district and comprised of business, industry and education professionals. While we have many interesting electives to explore and enjoy at LHS, our CTE Programs of Study are specially designed to provide hands-on, industry related skills and knowledge in a specific area of expertise so that students can develop specific skills in their area of interest and be more marketable for jobs and programs. Think of your CTE Program of Study as your high school "major."

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