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Mr. Chris Buehler



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Period                                             Class
1                                                      Political Economy (Rm 147)
2                                                      Political Economy (Rm 147)
3                                                      IB Global Politics (Rm 147)
4                                                      Planning (Rm 147)

Schedule B Day
Period                                            Class
5                                                     Political Economy (Rm 147)
6                                                     Planning (Rm 147)
7                                                     Political Economy  (Rm 144)
8                                                     Political Economy  (Rm 144

Homework Policy: To access homework assignments, please ask your child for access to their Google Classroom login. If this if difficult for any reason, please email me at

Late work policy per syllabus: Late work will only be accepted for one week beyond the original due date (this excludes certain drafts of papers) and will be graded down one letter grade for each day late. Due dates will be communicated in class or posted on the Google Classroom assignment post online. 

If you receive a ‘0’ for an assignment that has been posted on Synergy, it is your responsibility to notify me when you have submitted it. I ask this because Google Classroom does not notify me when something is turned in late and I have usually already moved on to assessing the next assignment. There is a red “late assignments” folder with a sheet that will ask you to fill out a few details so that I know where to find your work. Please fill it out and I will assess late assignments when I can.