Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Bilingual Ed- University of New Mexico Albuquerque 1995 MA in Spanish with Thesis defense- PSU-2005 Yoga 200-hour teacher certification, Yoga Union 2018

Mrs. Saneun McHaley Foley (profe)

Pronouns: she/her


Phone: 503-916-5200

World Language

Web site: 


Syllabus with late work expectations in Class Expectations section:


Syllabus Lengua y lit 7/8

Syllabus Español 5/6

Lesson plans of each weekly synchronous class can be found under announcements in Canvas.  Syllabi are from last year.  It will be hard to know how much of the curriculum we will get through as none of us has ever done this before.  I am shooting for at least half of the curriculum.  We are on track at the end of quarter 1 to finish a little more than half in both classes.  Ask your student how much work it is for them to cover just half the curriculum in my class online.  Most likely they will say that the class is about as much as they can hangle with no more.  I know how you all feel.  My kids are 11 and 13 and it is all we can do just to eat, sleep and keep up with HW.  Please encourage you student to reach out should they need anything or not understand a lesson, if they are behind and they think I will be mad.  I won't be ... I promise. We are all doing the best that we can in a situation we cannot control.  


Schedule for 2020-21:

Teaching Schedule B Day
Period                                                                   Class

5-8                                                           I do not teach on A days but sometimes Sub for other teachers and will let students know via webpage if I will be around for help.

Teaching Schedule A Day
Period                                                                   Class
1                                                             Spanish 5/6
2                                                             Planning
3                                                             Lengua y literatura 7/8
4                                                             Lengua y literatura 7/8