At Lincoln High School we have formulated our school climate planning and behavioral expectations to align with our vision and mission and incorporated our school-wide values in the often heard “GO CARDS!” shout out.

    At Lincoln High School we believe that GO CARDS! reflects our commitment to being:

    Global citizens

    Open minded







    As both students and staff we have further defined GO CARDS! values to reflect behavioral expectations that are specific to:

    • Classrooms & Other Learning Spaces
    • Hallways & Common Areas
    • Surrounding Community
    • Athletics Events & Social Activities

    Our school climate work is a culmination of PPS district commitment to culturally responsive positive behavioral supports and interventions, agreement with the Portland Teachers Union, conversations with our community stakeholders through site council and Health Action Network forums, community partnerships such as Big Village, Volunteers of America, Western Psychological Services, staff and department meetings, various student leadership groups and student unions, and survey results collected over the course of a school year from our state accreditation process, Oregon Healthy Teens, and Big Village.

    Our School Climate Handbook is a resource for all students, staff, and their families.  Throughout the school year, students have opportunities to learn more about GO CARDS! and their rights and responsibilities as PPS students.  Please take time to review the behavioral expectation matrix, and the handbooks below for more information.