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    Stop By Room 101 To Start Exploring Your Path During And After High School

    Unsure of your future plan? Want to explore career fields? Looking for a job or internship? Need to update your resume? The Career Center can help! 

    The Career Coordinator, Shannan Fasold, works with students to support them on all aspects of their career exploration; which might include looking for a job shadow, volunteer, internship or part-time job, preparing a resume or for an interview, or figuring out possible career paths. 

    What is a CRLE?

    Career-Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs) are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom. PPS requires students to write reflections about two CRLEs but most students complete many throughout their four years of high school. Some CRLEs happen at school and are arranged by your teacher. Community organizations and industry groups sponsor career days, mentor and internship programs too. Many students arrange their own half or full day job shadows by asking a neighbor, family friend or a friend's family member to host them. Some examples of CRLEs are:

    More Resources

    Sample Job Shadow/Informational Interview Questions

    Job Shadowing Tips Checklist for Teens 

    Tips for a Successful Job Shadowing Experience

    Be inspired by these job shadow stories of University of Oregon business students.

    Exploring Careers on Your Own

    Interested in exploring occupations BEFORE setting up a job shadow or applying for an internship? Oregon Career Information System (OR CIS) is excellent exploration tools! Steps for logging in:

    1. Go to oregoncis.uoregon.edu Username: #1Cardinals; Password: onsalmonstreet!
    2. From the Dashboard, consider creating your own portfolio to save your work. Click on "Create My Portfolio"
    3. Consider completing the Assessments in the "Career Plan" tab and save your results to your portfolio
    4. Learn about occupations from the "Explore Resources" tab
      • When you click on "Learn about Occupations" you can see the occupational list, or go through the career clusters
      • When you select a specific occupation, you can learn about the skills, abilities, work activities, job outlook, related educational training (majors), related occupations and more!
      • See occupations you like? Save them to your portfolio to look at again later.

    Explore YOU

    Want to identify your strengths? Use the FREE High 5 Strengths assessment to identify your top 5 strengths. Answer 100 questions and get your results immediately. https://high5test.com/


    Calling Parents & Alumni!

    Think about becoming a Cardinal Career Consultant. Are you willing to host a LHS student at your workplace for a job shadow? Are you open to invitations from teachers to be on a panel or speak to their class? Does your organization ever hire interns or part-timers? PPS Career Coordinators use the district's PartnerConnect database to identify local professionals like you. Learn more and register yourself and/or your company here


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    CRLE Reflection Assignments

    Students can click on the appropriate links below, to complete and submit CRLE reflections to fulfill the Personalized Learning Requirements (PLRs) for graduation. Please avoid the following common errors when completing the assignment:

    • writing one sentence when asked to write two paragraphs
    • writing about paid employment 
    • writing about a one-time  "good deed" type of community service (picking up litter for SOLV, donating blood, repacking donated food at the Oregon Food Bank, etc.) rather than a prolonged volunteer activity that introduced you to an occupation (e.g. coaching Little League, interacting with patients at a hospital, working on a political campaign).

    Class of 2020   Click HERE for PPS Graduation Guidance for High School Seniors

    Class of 2021   CRLE Reflection #1 and CRLE Reflection #2

    Class of 2022   CRLE Reflection #1 and CRLE Reflection #2

    Class of 2023   CRLE Reflection #1

    (9th grade CRLEs are usually teacher-directed. Later in high school you can write a reflection about a CRLE you initiated because of your interest in an occupation or industry.)

    Other Personalized Learning Requirements (PLRs) include writing a Resume and completing the My Plan Essay that are turned into Senior English teachers