•   The Guide: A College Admissions and Financial Aid Guide For All Students

    Free from the Fair Opportunity Project

    The Fair Opportunity Project is a nonprofit organization started by students and for students. The FOP provides some of the best and most up-to-date college application resources, scaled to reach everywhere and for everyone. They aim to forever change who gets what information. This organization has unleashed college-going know how upon the world - for free! The co-founders were profiled on Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017 for their work.

    Begin with FOP's video modules and then download your own copy of The Guide, a comprehensive book on all things college. 



    You may download The Guide in English, Spanish or Chinese. You can see from the Table of Contents below that The Guide is comprehensive and anticipates your questions and directs you to next steps.

    Section I: The College Application
    Chapter 1: College Application Timeline
    Chapter 2: Starting Your College Search
    Chapter 3: Standardized Tests
    Chapter 4: Creating a College List
    Chapter 5: Organizing the College Application
    Chapter 6: Letters of Recommendation
    Chapter 7: The Application
    Chapter 8: The College Essay
    Chapter 9: Optional Interview
    Chapter 10: Update Letter
    Chapter 11: Post Submission

    Section II: Affording College
    Chapter 12: Financial Aid
    Chapter 13: Scholarships

    Section III: Before College Applications
    Chapter 14: Timeline Before College Applications
    Chapter 15: Picking High School Courses
    Chapter 16: Taking Initiative and Starting Projects
    Chapter 17: Summer Experiences

    Section IV: Essays that Worked: From Common App to Supplements
    Chapter 18: Experience Essays
    Chapter 19: Reflection Essays
    Chapter 20: Strict Prompt Essays
    Chapter 21: Short Response

    Section V: Feedback and Additional Tools