Senior Year & Graduation

  • Senior Year & Graduation

    Graduation for the class of 2021 is at 8:00pm, June 7th at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum

    Order Graduation Regalia

     There are 2 ways to place your order:


     To place an order for just a cap and gown (because the website is a little tricky to navigate), here is the direct link:Jostens Order Link

     The gowns that we are using are different from years’ past, so reusing an old gown will not work, unfortunately. This year’s gowns are eco-friendly and made with biodegradable capability. 

     If you need financial assistance for your cap and gown please complete this link

    Important Senior Dates:

    • May 8, 2021 - Prom - Oregon Zoo
    • TBD - May Fete Assembly 9:30am
    • TBD - Senior Checkout during Lunch and Flex 
    • TBD - Senior Finals
    • TBD - Senior Breakfast/Assembly
    • TBD - Seniors last day of school
    • June 7, 2021 - Graduation 8:00 pm
    • June 7, 2021 - All night grad party following celemony


    In addition to meeting the credit requirements, PPS students demonstrate proficiency in three Essential Skills: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The primary manner to demonstrate any Essential Skills is to meet, in the specified area, on the Smarter Balanced Assessment. If students are not able to meet through this option, then they can demonstrate their proficiency for an Essential Skill by completing an alternative assessment or work sample. PPS graduates also complete three Personalized Learning Diploma Requirements (PLRs):

    The Resume and My Plan are assignments in Senior English, but you can complete your CRLE Reflection any time after you complete a job shadow, internship, career-related field trip, etc.
    A Career Related Learning Experience can offer you a unique topic for a college essay for scholarship interview too. Exploring your interests and career options can also help you determine your next steps after high school. See Career Coordinator Shannan Fasold in the Counseling about job shadowing, career day events and volunteering. She has career assessments and college research tools for students too.


    Graduation Ceremony Prep:
    Graduation is an exciting time and students and families eagerly look forward to the festivities. Please be sure support LHS and your participation in the ceremony by following student handbook policies.
    Order a cap and gown (Winter):
    Contact  All students are required to wear a cap and gown to be part of the ceremony. Please contact your student's counselor if you have any questions.

    Senior check-out  During Lunch and Flex

    Last chance checkout TBD (be prepared for LONG lines if you wait for this day)
    All seniors are required to pay any LHS fees prior to receiving graduation tickets and their physical diploma. Letters detailing unpaid fee (i.e. lost textbooks, library and parking fees) information are sent out in early May. 

    Step 1 – Turn in your books to the bookroom, pay your library fees and receive a cleared signature from Ms. Royal (you will not be able to complete the Check Out if you are still using any of your books)

    Step 2 - Pay any outstanding IB fees, Athletic fees, Senior Breakfast and for Graduation stoles/cords on schoolpay

    Step 3 – Make sure you have completed all CRLE, Resume, My Plan and Senior Exit surveys in Naviance. When finished you can receive a cleared signature from Ms. Fasold or Ms. Leathers.

    Step 4 – Bring your cleared form to the check-out table in Senior Hall during lunch. Pick up your graduation tickets and cords!

    Graduation tickets
    After clearing fees and meeting all graduation requirements prior to or at senior check-out, seniors will receive 15 tickets each. Please note, due to our increased number of seniors, additional tickets may not be available.

    Graduation Day:

      • MANDATORY Rehearsal for Commencement, June 7th at 10:00 am at Memorial Coliseum
      • Commencement, Monday, June 7th, 8:00 pm at Memorial Coliseum
      • Seniors should arrive at the Coliseum no later than 7:15 pm
      • Wear regular clothes, carrying cap and gown - students are not allowed to alter their gown.


    Graduation location and parking:
    The ceremony will be held at the Memorial Coliseum.  Paid parking will be available nearby.
    Families needing information about handicap access, wheelchair escorts and seating should contact the Coliseum directly at 503-235-8771 or 503-797-9712.

    Senior All-Night Grad Party (immediately follows ceremony):
    The Senior All Night Grad Party is an event planned by senior parents and not the school. Students and parents can print out the graduation party waiver/medical form and submit it with the registration fee ($100, payable to Friends of Lincoln). Check your fall registration receipt to see if you've paid this amount already--if so, just send in the form to the senior grad party mail box in the main office. Questions? Want to help? Partial scholarships are available on request, see your counselor.
    1.  Am I allowed to wear my siblings gown from a previous year? No, ithis year we are moving towards composible gowns. f you have a sibling that graduated from Lincoln High School, you can wear the same gown and cap.
    2.  Do I have to order my gown from Jostens? Yes. if you cannot afford this we do have a few gowns that can be borrowed, see your counselor.
    3.  How many graduation tickets will I receive? Each student receives 15 tickets.
    4.  How can I get more graduation tickets? After the student goes through senior check you can sign up on a waiting list for additional tickets. Tickets will be given out the day after senior check out.
    5.  Do I have to attend rehearsal? Yes, we need all seniors to attend rehearsal. There are many steps to graduation and rehearsal ensures that we all know our part and how to carry out our roles.

    Questions about ordering?
    Phone: 1-800-Jostens (567-8367)

    You can use the link above if you are a current Lincoln student only.