Ms. Kessler, Addy



Degrees and Certifications:

BA Studio Art Macalester College, St. Paul, MN MAT Visual Art Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Ms. Kessler, Addy


Phone: 503-916-5200

Art Department

Ceramics & Art of Product Design


2018-19 Teaching Schedule

A Days

1 Ceramics & Mixed Media 3-4

2 Planning

3 Product Design 3-4

4 Ceramics & Mixed Media 3-4

B Days

5 Product Design 1-2

6 Product Design 1-2

7 Planning

8 Ceramics & Mixed Media 5-6 7-8


Click here for class website

My website contains class project information, slide shows, hand outs, grading rubrics etc. 


Late Work Policy

I accept all late work for full credit.

Late work should be turned in 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester so we have time to critique, and grade the artwork.


Grading Policy

The Lincoln High School Art Department uses a 4. proficiency grading scale.  4 = excellent  3 = good  2 = in progress/incomplete/major construction issues  1 = incomplete/lack of effort

If all graded work is a 3 or above in the gradebook students will receive an A at the end of the term.

If a student is actively working on a project but it was not turned in on time, they will receive an 2 as a placeholder until their work is complete.

If a student has not started a project that should have already been turned in they will receive a 0 until the project is turned in.