Degrees and Certifications:

BA Studio Art Macalester College, St. Paul, MN MAT Visual Art Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Ms. Addy Kessler

Addy Kessler 




Phone: 503-916-5200

Visual Art Department & CTE

Art of Product Design


2021-22 Teaching Schedule

A Days

1 Product Design 1-2

2 Planning

3 Product Design 1-2

4 Product Design 1-2

B Days

5 Product Design 3-4

6 Product Design 3-4

7 Planning

8 Product Design 5-6


Click here for the LHS Product Design Website


My class website contains project information, slide shows, hand outs, grading rubrics etc. 


Late Work Policy

I accept all late work for full credit.

Late work should be turned in 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester so we have time to critique, and grade the finished artwork.


Grading Policy



Students come to this class with a wide range of previous art skills, and abilities. Our goal is for all students to show engagement with the material, and demostrate personal growth. To achieve growth, we will regularly engage in critical conversations about the student's work in class, discuss what can be done to improve, and whre they are finding success. The expectation is that students work to improve, revise, and revisit areas that challenge them. This means that project success can look different for each individual student, but all students can be successful in this course.

Example Unit of Study: project stages that will be graded for completion

1. Project Sketches

2. Project Template/prototype

3. Final Finished Project

4. Project Critique

5. Photos of each project stage uploaded to a digital portfolio

Projects are graded once the digital portfolio is uploaded to Canvas.

Grading Scale

75-100% = A

50-74% = C

0-49% = Incomplete/not passing


We use a 4 point proficiency scale in this course

4/A If a student has comleted the steps listed above, they will receive a 4/full credit for the project

2/work in progress: If a student has shown some work but has not completed each step, they will receive a 2 as a placeholder until that work is complete, and turned in via their digital portfolio on Canvas.

0/Incomplete: If a student has shown no progress towards completion of a unit, or does not turn finished work in on their digital portfolio for grading, they will receive a 0 for that unit. 


WHERE TO FIND GRADES: All grading will be done on Canvas, and transferred to Synergy at each grading period. For individual assignment grades, please check Canvas. At each grading period (progress reports, quarters, and semesters) grades will be transferred over from Canvas to Synergy as one lump grade/percentage. You will not find the breakdown of individual assignments on Synergy, but the percentage will reflect exactly what is seen on Canvas at the end of the grading period.