Three students from King Immersion Program

Dual Language

Dual Language

  • Department of Dual Language

    Congratulations Seal of Biliteracy Recipients!

    Congratulations to 84 PPS students on earning the Oregon Seal of Biliteracy!  This award recognizes that these students demonstrate an advanced level of academic language proficiency in two or more languages. This accomplishment sets them apart from most high school graduates in the United States and sets you on the pathway to being a global citizen.


Department Main Phone
(503) 916-3151
Debbie Armendariz
Senior Director of Dual Language Immersion
(503) 916-3082
Michael Bacon
Assistant Director of Dual Language
(503) 916-5394
Nga-My Vuong
Project Manager
(503) 916-3077
Alma Morales-Galicia
Portland Dual Language Teacher Fellows Coordinator
(503) 916-3546
  • Department of Dual Language Newsletter

    Linked below is the new Department of Dual Language (DDL) newsletter which shares exciting department updates as well as highlights recent happenings in DDL.

    DDL December Newsletter: ChineseEnglishRussian, Somali, SpanishVietnamese