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West Sylvan

Grades 6-8

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  • Yearbooks

    Due to the closing of buildings and businesses the print date for our yearbooks were pushed back till the end of June with an anticipated delivery date closer to the end of July.  Once they arrive we will inform families on how best to collect them.  
    Thank you for your understanding
  • School Calendar

    Revised PPS Calendar
    All PPS schools are working remotely Monday  - Thursday and closed on Friday. 
    The revised calendar for the remainder of the school year can be found HERE
  • Distance Learning Schedule

     Celebrate National Distance Learning Week 2019 with OLC - OLC
    Week 3 Distance Learning Schedule 
    Please use this LINK to view the new schedule that includes electives.  

    To help students and families better understand the new schedule a short video is posted on the West Sylvan school-wide google classroom. Only your students can access this google classroom, please have them login using this code 23gkx6b  

  • Tips for distance learning.

    Distance Learning - Milford Public Schools 
        Check out this LINK
  • PPS GMail


    Quick Guide: Gmail for Students, Grades 4-12

    Students can log in to Gmail by opening a web browser and going to gmail.com.
    Sign in to your @student.pps.net account. Students' usernames follow the pattern of first initial, last name, last four digits of their student ID, "@student.pps.net." For example, Jay Raddison who's ID number is 123456 would have a username and email address of jraddison3456@student.pps.net.
    Students can email teachers and other students. Students grades 4-8 cannot message anyone outside the PPS domain.
    If you need help email Claire McInnis at cmcinnis@pps.net
  • Student Enrollment Forms

     Enrolling in NVUSD
    Please feel free to submit your student enrollment packets for 2020/2021 school year electronically.  Please scan/email your completed packets with two proofs of residency and either a copy of your student's birth certificate or passport to Kimberly Hess Torbert at khesstorbert@pps.net
    Click here for all enrollment documents and additional enrollment information. 
  • SNAP

    SNAP - Assistance-Food Benefits
    Households financially impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) may be able to qualify for The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  SNAP offers food benefits to eligible, low-income individuals and families. Find out if you are eligible and how to apply for food benefits.
  • Digital Citizenship Guidelines

    PPS students are expected to conduct themselves in the following manner:

    1. Follow all district policies and student codes of conduct Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. ·

    While participating in online classes through google hangouts, students should dress in a way that is appropriate for collaborative, classroom interactions. We ask that you review these expectations on page 14 of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. The responsibility for the dress and attire of a student rests primarily with the student and his or her parents or guardians.

    1. Refrain from posting bullying or threatening comments about or related to anyone, illegal material, or material that violates district policies related to discrimination and harassment. ·

    Students and parents should report online misconduct to the appropriate grade level administrator: 

    1.  Report inappropriate behavior on social media to a trusted adult immediately. · Adhere to all applicable intellectual property and copyright laws when posting social media content. ·

    If you are worried about a classmate based on something you see in social media, please reach out to an administrator or counselor (as with in-school learning all reports are confidential):

    1. Students should not “friend”, “follow”, and “connect”, etc. with staff or employee personal social media presence. Instead, students should interact only through the professional online presence of staff. ·

    2. The taking, disseminating, transferring, or sharing of illegal images or photographs (such as obscene or pornographic images), whether by electronic transfer or other method (such as texting, sexting, and emailing) may constitute a crime under state and/or federal law. 

    It is important to teach, and periodically remind students to be aware of the information they reveal about themselves in these online environments, and empower them to set boundaries around what they share and with whom they share it. Thank you for helping us ensure that online learning experience that we are about to embark in engages students, allows them to maintain a connection to the school community and provides a safe learning environment for all.

WSMS Newsletter

West Sylvan Forecasting

  • West Sylvan Middle School 2020-21

          Forecasting Information and Directions        


    You will need to use your PPS student account to take the survey!!! 

    • You may only take the survey once
    • After you take your survey you should receive an email copy of your survey choices. (You will not need to turn in any paperwork this year, but please feel free to keep your email responses for future reference, if needed.)

           CURRENT 6TH AND 7TH GRADE FORECASTING WILL BE EXTEDEND.  Please complete soon so that we have your information for building your schedules, with your preferences in mind.  Thank you!




    Step 1. Review the following linked resources before taking your forecasting survey.

                            MYP Forecasting Guide and Course Requirements 

                  Elective Descriptions, by grade level, for next year

                            6th Grade Elective Descriptions             

                            6th Grade Elective Video Tour (youtube)

                                    (This is last year's video, which showcases most, if not all, of this coming year's electives.)

                            7th Grade Elective Descriptions             

                            8th Grade Elective Descriptions            


    Step 2.  Decide, with your parents, which courses you would like to take.

    Step 3.  Take the forecasting survey for the grade you will be in next year.

                            6th Grade Forecasting Survey (Now Open - Please check your child's PPS email for your confirmation email.  If you cannot find it, it may have been sent to a junk folder.  Please know we are still recieving the information, either way.  Thank you!)  

                            7th Grade Forecasting Survey 

                            8th Grade Forecasting Survey


    If you are not able to access the survey or need support, with any part of this process, please email Mr. Keller at bkeller@pps.net.

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