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    West Sylvan Middle School 2023 - 2024

    West Sylvan Middle School Talented and Gifted (TAG) website


    TAG (Talented And Gifted) Nominations are open! 

      All forms are due by Tuesday, November 29th  


    • Interested in nominating your child for TAG? Here's how it works:

      • You'll fill out and submit the Parent Nomination form for your child.

      • Once you've submitted the Parent Nomination Form, Dr. Graham, the West Sylvan TAG Coordinator, will have the child's subject-appropriate teacher fill out a Teacher Nomination form for your child.

      • If necessary, we'll conduct testing. Generally, we use MAP Mathematics for a Mathematics nomination, MAP Reading for a Reading nomination, and the NNAT3 for an Intellectual nomination.

      • In spring of 2023 (right now, probably January or February), the district TAG office will send out letters informing parents and guardians that their child has or has not been identified as TAG, and in what areas. Services will begin for TAG students at this time.

      Important Note: These links are for West Sylvan Middle School ONLY. Each PPS school has its own nomination form. If you want to nominate a child for TAG who does not attend West Sylvan, please contact that school to find the appropriate nomination link.

      If you have further questions about TAG, you are welcome to contact the West Sylvan TAG Coordinator, Holly Graham, at hgraham@pps.net, and/or the West Sylvan TAG Administrator, Ben Keller, at bkeller@pps.net.