• CHS Freshman Academy
    The Freshman Academy program was developed to enrich our students' first year in high school. The program, started in 2002, is for all freshmen.
    freshman academy CHS
    This program features:
    • Small class communities for both students and teachers
    • Teaching teams comprised of English, Modern World History, Physics and Special Education faculty, supported by a counselor and an administrator.
    • Clear and consistent expectations for students' organization and participation and interdisciplinary curriculum when possible.


    This structure benefits students in these ways:
    • Teachers meet weekly with counselor to address individual student progress and needs.
    • Interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to make connections across subject areas.
    • Common organizational strategies prepare freshmen for success in a more rigorous and varied high school environment
    • Freshmen develop a sense of community with each other by sharing common classes and teachers.





  • Tillamook (A) Periods 5, 7, 8

    English: Claire Millon

    Physics: Chris Doscher

    Modern World History: Matt Sten

    Special Education: Dominic LeFave

    Counselor: Lori Butler

    Admin: Julie Rierson



    Trillium (B) Periods 1, 3, 4

    English: Eric Mirsepassi

    Physics: Chris Doscher

    Modern World History: Matt Sten

    Special Education: Sean Murray

    Counselor: Neil Gibson

    Admin: Julie Rierson



    Chinook (C) Periods 5, 7, 8

    English: Eric Levine

    Physics: Keska Kemper

    Modern World History: Nathan Pier

    Special Education: Trisha Rhoades

    Counselor: Heidi Tolentino

    Admin: Darryl Miles

  • Pacific (D) Periods 1, 2, 3

    English: Susan Brighouse

    Physics: Seamus Shalman

    Modern World History: Stephen Nims

    Special Education: Lurena Weesner

    Counselor: Jennifer Van Kopp

    Admin: Darryl Miles



    Stumptown (E) Periods 1, 2, 3

    English: Mary Rodeback

    Physics: Eric Fraser

    Modern World History: Julia Blattner

    Special Education: Mike Bauer

    Counselor: Nick Yoder

    Admin: Katy Wagner



    Wy'East (F) Periods 1, 3, 4

    English: John Golden

    Physics: Angie Misumi

    Modern World History: Poeko Waiwaiole

    Special Education: Keith Early

    Counselor: All

    Admin: Katy Wagner