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  • Helping Cleveland High School students find success after high school! We believe there are many pathways for students to take after high school: 4-year college, community college, apprenticeship, military, and direct entry into the workforce. Every student has incredible potential; we're just here to make sure you also have a plan!


    CCC Website:

    The College and Career Center Website has more information, including current scholarship opportunities, college prep checklists for junior and senior year, and a self-paced mini-course on preparing college applications.


For Students

  • Now that you have completed a Career-Related Learning Experience, you need to reflect and consider what you have learned, and how it can apply to your future. The questions included in the attached form are designed to help you reflect on the experience.

    Remember, participating in Career Related Learning is a graduation requirement mandated by the Oregon Department of Education. You need to have participated in 2 CRLEs by the time you graduate and have documented them.

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