English Language Learners

  • The program of studies for limited English proficiency students provides intensive instruction in reading, writing, listening and speaking English. The second language instruction seeks to enable learners to use the language in ways all of us use our first languages to communicate with others. Students will participate in courses with English As A Second Language and Bilingual Education specialists, who will emphasize reading and communication skills. Students will also participate in general education with classroom teachers who design lessons specially for the limited English proficiency students. Bilingual content classes (i.e. U.S. History, global studies, etc.) will be included in the ELL program based on the availability of native language speaking teachers and sufficient numbers of single language students.

    Visit the Portland Public Schools ESL/Bilingual program to learn about resources and events.

    For more information about English Language Learners at Cleveland, please contact Dr. Katy Wagner, CHS Vice Principal, at kwagnerw@pps.net or 503-916-5120.

    View the Cleveland Course Guide for details about the classes that are offered.