• General Forecasting Information 


    In short, FORECASTING is choosing the classes you will take next year, and takes place in winter term (so you are planning 6+ months ahead of time). We encourage parents and students to look carefully at the Course Guide and take the forecasting process seriously.

    The Course Guide is a tool to help you organize and plan for college and other career goals you may have. When forecasting for your classes, plan thoughtfully for the course that has the appropriate level of rigor for you.
    With the guidance of counselors, teachers and administrators, we will help you make important decisions about your education at CHS.  

    *Be aware of prerequisites and supplies needed before signing up for a class.



    2021-22 Forecasting Information

    Course forecasting and scheduling for the 2021-22 school year is quickly upon us! As with everything this year, there are some changes to our process this year to help streamline our data entry and counselor review.  We encourage you to be a part of your student’s course planning and take this opportunity to discuss their 4-year graduation and post-graduation plans. Your students have  received resources including information about prerequisites, graduation requirements and International Baccalaureate in the Course Guide. 

    • Student should check their school email daily for updates and information
    • All Forecasting resources are on Student’s Canvas account in their Advisory class, it’s listed on their To Do list and is in their Calendar.

    Please review this information carefully. It is highly recommended that you also review your student’s graduation requirements with them before making course selections. You can check a student's progress to graduation on StudentVue by selecting Course History.

     Watch these videos of  the Forecasting Presentations for each class here.  You can access each slide show as well for access to the links.

    Current 8th Graders

     Recorded Presentation

    Slides w/ links

    Current 9th Graders

     Recorded Presentation

    Slides w/ links

    Current 10th Grade 

     Recorded Presentation

    Slides w/ links

    Current 11th Grade 

     Recorded Presentation

    Slides w/ links

    Course Videos/Presentations 

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    Students should complete their Forecasting Planner using the Course Guide to help. Please follow all instructions on the Forecasting Planner. Students should also have been mailed a copy of the planner at the beginning of January.

    8th Grade Forecast Planner

    9th Grade Forecast Planner

    10th Grade Forecast Planner 

    11th Grade Forecast Planner 


    Once you have completed the Forecast Planner, students are ready to complete forecasting on their StudentVue account. Using the COURSE REQUEST tab, students will be able to complete their online forecasting.  Watch the presentations for instructions on this last step, there is a tutorial in StudentVue as well.

    Video Tutorial for students 

    Help Sheet 

    Counselors will review all online course requests to ensure that the forecasted classes align to the student's 4-year graduation plan. If additional attention is needed to the selected courses, counselors will meet with individual students.
    Thank you for your support as we try to implement new systems to better serve our students. Forecasting can be an exciting time and we hope you enjoy looking through the amazing course options we offer at Cleveland High School.
    Any questions or concerns about Forecasting, please contact your counselor or Kristy Mize .