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Degrees and Certifications:


Michelle Hardaway (She/Her)

School Social Worker

Michelle provides school-wide social work services. She is available for short-term/periodic interventions for students. Students can be referred to ongoing mental health and/or substance use services with our onsite therapists or to an outside provider. Michelle works to connect students and families to culturally specific community services, housing resources, food, and utility assistance.  In addition, Michelle oversees our Caring Closet, providing students with emergency food, clothing, hygiene items, and school supplies. If you are interested in getting connected, please email, call or text to schedule a meeting.



Phone: 503-314-4010 Call/Text


Degrees and Certifications:


Emma Sohriakoff (She/Her)

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Emma provides on-site confidential alcohol and drug counseling services free of charge, no insurance required. Emma can support PPS students and families who are impacted by student substance use. She is available for short-term/periodic counseling for students, consultation with guardians, and support with referrals to outside resources or treatment providers. Emma works collaboratively with students and their family, even if the student isn't yet ready to make changes to use. If you are interested in getting connected, please email, call or text to schedule a meeting.

Referral Form: Self/Family Referral to PPS Substance Use Support Services

Phone: 503-310-9951


Degrees and Certifications:

MA, LPC, Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

Julie Glover-Walsh (She/Her)

Child and Family Therapist 

Multnomah County School-Based Mental Health

Talk to your school counselor about a referral

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday

Phone: 503-487-2171


Degrees and Certifications:


Mary Bills (She/Her)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lifestance Health, Inc.

Talk to your school counselor to be referred. Parent or guardian can use the School Based Program Referral Form.

Individaul therapy utilizing dialectical behavioral therapy and skills training to help clients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and mood instability.

Phone: 971-413-5563


Degrees and Certifications:


Jackson Gambee (He/Him)

Child and Family - School Based Behavioral Health



Phone: 503-488-9085


Degrees and Certifications:

Julia Kohn-Brown

Confidential Advocate

I am available to support students with relationships, from friendship dynamics to dating relationships as well as experiences of family or relationship violence. I provide space for emotional processing, safety planning, and resource referral as well as school and state systems navigation and interventions.

I am not a mandatory reporter. 

Students and families can reach out directly, or contact their school counselor, vice principal, or social worker to be connected. 


Drop-In: Tuesdays 11-4 in Room 237.

Call or text my direct line:503-488-9085