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    Contact Us:

    Email - clevelandattend@pps.net  or call 503-916-5126 to report an absence. Email is preferred.

    Attendance Administrator - Sean Murray - 503-916-5120

    How do I excuse my student's absence?

    Email, preferred method, or call the attendance office. 

    Data is entered as soon as possible. However, we are not always able to process the large volume of absences prior to activating the auto-dialer, so you may receive a call even though you already reported the absence. You do not need to call or email again, all absences will be processed by the end of the day. You can check ParentVue the next day to confirm the absence was marked correctly.

    Student Attendance Policy:

    Oregon law requires parents/guardians to see that children between the ages of 7 and 18 years old attend school regularly. It is the legal responsibility of the parent to have their children in school and ensure the student attends school regularly and in a timely manner (Reference: ORS 339.010-339.020). This responsibility lies with the student as well, because students are expected to attend all classes to the best of their ability, both daily and on time.

    Criteria to Excuse Absences from School:

    Only absences for student sickness, appointments, religious holidays, family emergencies, or death in the family are considered excused.

    Procedures to Report a Student's Absence:

    An email, most preferred, (Clevelandattend@pps.net ) or phone call (503-916-5126) is required to be sent by a parent or guardian for any tardiness or absence within three (3) days (Per district policy it is the parent’s responsibility to clear unexcused absences within three school days or 72 hours of the absence or the absences(s) will remain unexcused). When you notify the school regarding the absence, please indicate the following information:

    • Date 
    • Student full name
    • Reason for the absence
    • Date(s) of the absence

    Late Arrival

    Students arriving late to school are to report directly to class.

    Mid-Day Check In/Out

    If your student is leaving during the school day, a parent or guardian must call/email the attendance office. When the student is leaving, all students need to sign-out in the attendance office and meet the parent/guardian outside. Parents/guardians do not need to come into the building to check their student out.

    Automated Absence Notification (Robocall) Protocols

    Automated phone calls are sent out twice each day, at 1pm and 5:30pm. These are generated from an absence code of Absent (A), Late after Tardy (LAT) and Skipping (SKP).

    If you receive an automated absence call, please follow these steps:

    1. Check ParentVue to see what code was used to mark your student absent.
    2. If your student was marked Absent (A) or Late after Tardy (LAT) and the absence was excused, please email the attendance office within 3 days of the absence (Per district policy it is the parent’s responsibility to clear unexcused absences within three school days or 72 hours of the absence or the absences(s) will remain unexcused).
    3. If you believe your student was incorrectly marked Absent (A), please have your student contact their teacher.

    10-Day Withdrawal Process

    Any absences (excused or unexcused) exceeding 10 consecutive school days require schools to withdraw students and remove them from enrollment; per State of Oregon Compulsory Attendance
    statues ORS 339.010. To re-enroll, families will need to provide two proofs of address and the student will need to complete a re-entry questionnaire, meet with a Vice Principal and the student's counselor.