Absence Line

  • 503-916-3656

    We ask that you always use the above phone line for absence reporting. Please notify us of every day or partial day that your student is absent, and state the reason so it can be authorised (the state of Oregon requires a reason in our absence reporting).

    The PPS district also has a separate “Auto Dialer” phone system that will call you if your student is absent and we have not been able to update the absence before the district daily deadline. Please always call our MLC attendance line (503-916-3656) and leave your absence reporting with us. MLC is one of several PPS schools that use our own dedicated line for all attendance reporting. We monitor our line each morning for messages. Make your call by 9:00 a.m.; calls made later than 9:00 may still generate Auto Dialer calls to you, as the MLC registrar must record absences by an early deadline. Thanks to all of you for your efforts in absence reporting!