• Native American Mask Project

    The culminating activity of our Native American study this year was a mask-making project centered on two specific cultures. These include the Northwest Coast and the Eastern Woodland Native American cultures. Students researched designs for their chosen group and then created their own mask using their face as a mold.

    The first phase of the process involved slathering surgical lubricant all over the face of their teammates, layering fast drying plaster over that, and then letting that dry overnight. Next, students had to figure out how to execute their planned design. This involved using recycled materials, tons of creativity, and a huge dose of perseverance! More plaster was applied over the built-up features and smoothed with a thin layer of spackle until it was ready for paint.

    In the end, students learned to work cooperatively in teams, problem solve, use their creativity, and had a lot of fun along the way.

    This year's pictures will be posted soon!