Water Filtration Pilot

  • Water Use

    We are happy to have filtered water drinking fountains and fill stations. This is a pilot project to see how well they will work. We want students to be hydrated, but keeping them focused on assignments and classrwork is our priority. Therefore, all students are expected to carry water bottles and fill them at home or in school during their personal time, which includes before school, during passing times, and at lunch. Students are not allowed to leave classrooms to get water during class time. There are six water stations in the school and only those will be turned on during the water filtration pilot study.

    Water bottles used in school should be durable, not disposable, crinkly bottles. The teacher will determine where they will be stored in the room or if they will be kept at the student’s desk. They may not be tossed, thrown, flipped or used in any other way that projects them into the air for safety reasons. Disposable water bottles are very bad for the environment and should be put in the recycle bins.


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