Degrees and Certifications:

Rachel Bogdanoff

English Language Development / Instructional Support

Ms. B.'s Bio

  • Favorite school memory as a student:

    I always loved studying Spanish and am so grateful that I had that opportunity starting in middle school. When I was a senior in high school I participated in an exchange program with students from Valencia, Spain. One came and stayed with my family for 3 weeks and then I went and stayed with hers and attended classes there for 3 weeks. It was that experience that solidified my love for Spanish language and culture and made me sure it would be a part of my life for forever. 

    My “why” for being in public education: 

     I enjoy being a lifelong learner and being in education allows me to learn and grow along with my students each and every day. The kids we work with are the future leaders of our society and I want to be a part of giving them experiences that open their minds and hearts to ways they can improve our world. Having a positive elementary school experience will lead them down a path to appreciate and value education and hopefully inspire them to make a positive impact in whatever lives they choose for themselves. 

    What I do to unwind and recharge:

     Exercise is my favorite way to de-stress, either at home or in the great outdoors. I like to hike, read, and explore new places. I enjoy hanging with my family in my yard when the weather is nice as well as going to new restaurants and eating delicious food. 

    Self Portrait: