• enrichment

    At Peninsula, reading, writing, and math are fundamental. Enrichments bring pleasure to reading, creativity to academic and kinesthetic expression. Enrichment classes teach cross-curricular skills that demonstrate to students how math applies to art, music, physical education, and beyond. Enrichments are the colorful ties that bind the fully educated child together. Each of these certified teachers has a "specialty," complete with its own set of adopted educational standards. Most enrichment teachers have stand-alone classes and all collaborate with homeroom teachers to make curricular connections. We want students to know math doesn't just happen in "math class," it's all around us. We believe enrichments are not "extra," but fundamental to student engagement in school. Enrichments foster agency within a child and their ability to participate in their education.  


    "Enrichments" or Specials Teachers at Peninsula:
    Archive of Specialist News Distributed via School Messenger

    Kirsten Slane, Art

    Patrick Nearing, Music

    Matt Challender, PE

    Jenny Gapp, Library

    Samara Carranza, Counselor