Degrees and Certifications:

Hilary Benoit

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Favorite school memory as a student:

    My favorite memory as a student was when I was in 4th grade in Mr. Bell’s classroom.  He had a great sense of humor and made learning fun.  He made me feel seen and heard and would nudge me to the next level of learning even when, or especially when, I was stuck. Learning was so fun in his class. I will never forget one time when we heard the bell ring, we all got up and went to the door for recess and he told us, “You don’t get up until this bell says you can!”  It is funny how these memories stick with me all these years later. True story:  about 20 years ago, I found Mr. Bell’s address online (he was at that point a principal) and I sent him a letter thanking him and he wrote back!

    My “why” for being in public education:

    I strongly believe in public education. Every child deserves a high-quality education. From a very young age, I  knew I wanted to work with children. When I was in college, I had some amazing mentors that would say, “Hilary get your credential, we need you!” I believe every child deserves a safe and fun learning environment.  Every child is capable of amazing things.  I am humbled every year by how brilliant, empathetic, brave and resilient each and every one of my students is.  I adore being a teacher and thank my lucky stars every day that I have a job that matters deeply to me and that I truly love.

    What I do to unwind and recharge:

    I like to read, make collages, see live music and hang out with my husband, our two kitties, and our new puppy.

    Self Portrait: