Degrees and Certifications:

Brittany Stolle

Educational Assistant 1st-5th

  • Favorite school memory as a student:

    I had the most wonderful 1st-grade teacher, Mrs. Vick. Everything felt magical in her classroom. I still remember how we “published” the books and stories we wrote by typing them out and binding them. I also remember eagerly awaiting Storytime after lunch each day. She made learning feel so genuine and her warm smile made me feel like I belonged. 

    My “why” for being in public education:

    I love seeing kids learn and grow. Working in an elementary school is such a special experience because you get to see this growth firsthand! After being out of the educational field for a few years, I’m excited to be back and make a contribution to this community.

    What I do to unwind and recharge:

    To unwind, I love to play with my kids, cook, and bake, go for runs, practice French, and play tennis. 

    Self Portrait: