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Forecasting 2019/2020

  • Forecasting 2019/2020

    West Sylvan Middle School

    2019-20 - 6th Grade Student Forecasting Directions and Resources

     Step 1. Review and Decide upon Electives using resources listed below.

    Step 2. Complete and sign Paper Forecasting sheet with an Parent or Guardian. (This information will be shared with students during forecasting visits at elementary sites.)

    Step 3. Return Forecasting sheet to current 5th grade teacher, by date indicated on forecasting sheet.

    Step 4. Complete on-line forecasting survey (IN CLASSROOM with current 5th grade teachers).


    Resoures for in-coming 6th grade families

             6th Grade Electives (PDF)        

             6th Grade Electives Video Descriptions 

             Forecasting Sheet for in-coming 6th graders  (PDF)

             Example Year-Long Period Schedule

         If you have specific questions about this process, please contact our main office for support.  Thank you!


    7th-8th Grade-On-Line Elective Forecasting Directions 

    BEFORE YOU START sign into the survey using your apps4pps account. Now be sure you have

    1. A current and valid email address that can be accessed by a computer.

    2.Parent Approval for your elective choices.  Your parents are required to sign your form, after you complete your survey, and before you turn it into the main office.  

    3. Internet access - The survey can be completed online, with computers or mobile devices, but prarents, or students, will need email access to print the attached form that will be generated and sent to you via email.  

    Please review and consider your elective choices BEFORE you start the survey.  Please choose a variety of classes from each section, otherwise we will have to make elective choices for you, if you don't get your first preferences.  It is suggested that students complete their forecasting survey at home, with parent support.  If this is not possible, students may have access to school computers before and after school, or during lunchtime, to take the survey and print their form.


    2019-20  -  7th and 8th Grade Students

    Step 1. Review and Decide upon your electives.

             7th-8th Grade Elective Descriptions (PDF)

    Step 2.  Use the "Forecasting Link" to complete the survey for your next year's grade level.

               Current 6th graders choose - 7th Grade Survey

               Current 7th graders choose - 8th Grade Survey

    Step 3. Return your "PDF" survey 'reciept' to the West Sylvan main office, or email receipt, with your parent's signature.

                (Please call the main office if you have trouble with this step.)

             7th-8th Grade Review and have parents sign the PDF forecasting "receipt".  RETURN TO THE West Sylvan Main Office by MARCH 8th, 2019. 

          If you are having trouble with accessing your emailed forecasting form, the survey, or need any other support in completing this process, please contact the West Sylvan Main Office.  We will work to assist you in submitting your information accurately.  Thank you for your participation and support!

     West Sylvan Main Office - (503) 916-5690







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  • You Matter/Vales Mucho Sweatshirts

    Back by popular demand West Sylvan has M.E.Ch.A. sweatshirts for sale. These are only available online and for a few more weeks.
    Check out the link below to get yours. You can have it shipped directly to the school and we can send it with home your student or you can have it shipped to you directly.
    We also have t-shirts available at the school for $10 each. All proceeds to go support West Sylvan M.E.Ch.A. 
    Questions see Mr. Almeida or email him at ralmeida@pps.net
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    Incoming 6th Grade Visits
    Current Bridlemile and Ainsworth 5th grade students will be visiting on
    May 23rd 
    9:45 am - 12:00 pm
     Current Forest Park and Chapman 5th grade students will be visiting on 
    May 30th
    9:45 am - 12:15 pm 
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    Build a BOAT, V. 2019
    6th Grade - Mrs. Wierth’s math classes and Ms. York’s AVID class.
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    See attachment below for more details
  • West Sylvan Student Store

    Sylvan Office Supply

    Open Every Morning until the Second Bell

    Room 109 near the bus entrance


    AVID Tablet (25)



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    Notebook paper


    Binder Dividers





    Ear Buds





    Eraser (Pencil Cap)



    Mechanical Pencil


    Eraser (White)



    Pencil Pouch


    Glue Stick



    Colored Pencils (24)





    Ruler (Plastic)


    Index Cards



    Ruler (Wood)


    Journal (Comp Book)





    Journal (Math Spiral)



    Tissue Packs


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    Water Bottle


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