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  • Listed below are databases and resources in order of popularity.  Use these sites to find academic papers, articles and journals for your research, as well as guides and formats for citations, notations, and style guides.

    • Not all databases are alike. Make sure to review any advanced search criteria and FAQs so you can do thorough, successful research.


    General Databases 


    You could access a wide variety of academic research databases from home for free by logging in with your MCL library card.  Check out the list - developed in coordination with MCL School Corps.  You will see an extensive list of open-source research databases as well. 

    Digital Public Library of America (Harvard University)


    The DPLA is a discovery tool (union catalog) for public domain and openly licensed content held by the United States' archives, libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions.  Easy and quick to use. 



    Salem Press


    Very good collection of important historical primary source documents in the listed subject areas:  

    American History: Civil Rights (1954–2015)

    American History: Dissent and Protest (1635-2017)

    American History: Immigration & Immigrant Communities (1650-2016) 


    ***To access the site, in the Remote Password box, type "clevelandpdx"  




    World Book Encyclopedia

      World Book Online Encyclopedia integrates primary and secondary source databases plus e-books in a single search of their encyclopedia. You can narrow your search by subject area and their historical timelines are a great source of information.




    OSLIS provides access to Gale Databases, in-depth, up-to-date information you need to conduct research across the full range of scholarly, academic, business and general interest topics.

    To access Gale from home:

    Ask Librarian for Login credentials


    Opposing Viewpoints Current Issues

      Opposing Viewpoints seeks to explore the varying opinions in a balanced pros/cons debate. The series attempts to encourage critical thinking and issue awareness by providing opposing views on contentious issues.  


    Other Source Materials


    Catalogs and Research Formats

    The Oregonian ~ Portland, Oregon  




    The online version of the venerable Portland, Oregon newspaper. 




    Google Scholar is a thorough, freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.  However, as an annotated index, GS does not usually provide articles--and when it does, the articles are usually fee-based.


    The New York Times Newspaper One of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the United States.  You can view/print 10 free articles per month.


     Multnomah County Library Catalog

     Multnomah County's (Portland) online library catalog.

    The New York Times Newspaper

     NYT Topics



    The New York Times archived newspaper organized by topic.  Useful format when deciding on a research topic.


    MLA Citation Maker  

    Enter your bibliographic info and a footnote and/or bibliography is created. It can be printed or downloaded into your Drive or Word doc.

    Pew Research Center  

     The Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan research institute based in Washington, D.C. that conducts demographic research, public opinion polling and other forms of social science research.


    Purdue University

    MLA Style Guide  

    Purdue University's online MLA style guide for MLA formatting.

    Writing Resources  


    .Developing a Thesis



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